From the fire on the crab island in Beijing, how to prevent vehicle fires in summer?

                                                 [Automobile World Maintenance] On Labor Day, a fire broke out in the parking lot of the Crab Island Resort in the northeast of Beijing. The smoke was rolling in and the fire was extinguished after several hours of firefighting. More than 20 vehicles were over-fired, most of them were buses parked on the premises, and some private cars were affected. Although the cause of the fire and the damage are under investigation. However, according to eyewitnesses, a large number of poplars and willows were planted around the parking lot where fires occurred, and the poplars and catkins on the ground were piled up in large areas. Already have not had a foot, perhaps the reason for this fire is likely to be caused by dry weather, poplar, catkins, etc., then what should we pay attention to in the summer fire prevention? First, regularly check the oil circuit and circuit to prevent circuit failure and oil leakage. Second, try not to smoke in the car, do not throw cigarette butts. Third, the car with a small car fire extinguisher. In general, a fire extinguishing device of about two kilograms can serve as an emergency fire extinguishing function. Fourth, driving for more than 5 years, “old car” and cars that have had major accidents, regularly check the line, discharge faults and other comprehensive inspections. 5. Avoid long-distance driving and overload loading, so as to avoid the engine running for a long time and high load, causing the temperature to rise. 6. When parking, try to choose a cool place and keep away from inflammables. 7. Do not put flammable materials in the interior and trunk. Lighters, fresheners, mosquito killers, perfumes, and carbonated beverages are subject to thermal expansion and are prone to explosion.

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