What is the reason for the car to turn off halfway? What can be solved by yourself!

                                                 [Car World Maintenance] There are a lot of car owners who have such troubles. Cars with a slightly longer age will often start to appear in the way of no accident, and there is no extra manpower to help the cart. This kind of call is not ok every day, and the feeling of calling the ground is not so good. The car flameout fault is divided into many types, including automatic flameout, intermittent flameout, external conditions caused by flameout and non-extinguishing. The different types of solutions are not the same, then when we encounter a halfway flameout, What should I do? The model of the automatic transmission will not easily appear to be extinguished, but it is not excluded that the automatic transmission will not be extinguished. For new cars, the cause of the flameout is mainly caused by the lack of skilled driving skills. Another possibility is the problem of the car engine or the oil circuit. However, for new cars, the problem of the engine itself is less likely, and most of the reason is the problem of the oil circuit. For the old models, the reason for the flameout is not only the lack of driving skills, but also the use of oil of substandard quality to cause the engine to collect carbon and other flameouts. When we encounter the flameout phenomenon, the left hand grabs the steering wheel to stabilize the direction (because there is no power, so it must be stabilized), the right foot presses the brakes to lower the speed as much as possible, and then quickly hits the AT file to the N position. : Re-ignition on the road must be in the N position, not D /R /P and other files, otherwise, the car will not be able to catch fire, or the car gearbox will be damaged), then the key will be retired, and then re-ignited, Then return the AT gear to the D position and drive normally. Manually-shifted models, for beginners, half-way flameout is not a new topic. The main elimination method is to improve your driving skills after fast running-in; use high-quality and high-quality fuel; thoroughly clean the oil passage, including the injector , throttle, fuel tank, etc.; if the vehicle is parked for a long time, should be thoroughly maintained before re-use, change the oil, machine filter, etc., and check the fuel, circuit, etc. depending on the situation, the vehicle may be caused by long-term parking or lubrication There was a problem with the circuit that caused the halfway to stall. The cause of the flameout in the idling state of the car is mainly due to excessive dust in the air. When the engine is running, the engine spool and the throttle seat are deposited with a lot of dirt. When the dirt accumulates too much, the engine will idling. If the speed is too low and the idle speed is poor, an idle stop will occur when driving. The solution to this problem is simple, just clean the idle motor. Finally, whether it is a new car or an old car, whether it is automatic or manual, it is a veteran or a novice. It is best to add high-grade oil when refueling, even if it is more expensive, it can protect your engine from carbon deposits. The situation of the halfway flameout will be reduced accordingly!

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