The six habits that let the car quickly depreciate are 50% faster than the same car.

[Car World] Maintenance As a consumable item, the car will continue to depreciate with the increase in usage time. Depreciation can be a natural process, or it can be unnatural because of some bad car habits. — The process from new car to worthless may be faster than you expected. Unless your idea is so strange that you want your car to become worthless, the following car habits are really not! Steering wheel —— excessive angle of rotation The booster pump is often used as one of the vulnerable parts of the vehicle. Therefore, it is best to return a little bit when hitting the head in the direction. Do not let the booster pump be in a tight state for a long time, which will help to extend the life of the booster pump. The road teeth & mdash; & mdash; jumped over When some friends on the road, not only did not slow down, but jumped up, very handsome but this car is vulnerable to “injury”. It is often difficult to observe the shock absorbers, springs, and suspensions of the vehicle, but they are also vulnerable parts of the vehicle. Deceleration in advance when passing through the ditch, not only can ensure the comfort of the ride, but also protect the shock absorber, spring and suspension. Half-clutch state —— time is long. Many manual car owners are used to driving their left foot on the clutch when driving, thinking that this can better maintain the control of the vehicle, but in fact, this method is very harmful to the clutch. . Especially when the vehicle is running at a high speed, the long half-clutch state will cause the clutch to wear quickly. Shift —— not completely separated Many anxious drivers did not wait for the clutch to step on the gear shift operation, so that not only the gear is difficult to hang, but also the gearbox gear is abnormally worn, which will cause serious damage to the gearbox in the long run! Although the automatic transmission model does not have the problem of stepping on the clutch shift, many riders rush to hang the P or R gear when the vehicle does not completely stop. This is also a very unwise approach, and the gearbox is also difficult. Tolerate the situation where the condition of the vehicle does not match the operation. Shift —— too lazy to change a lot of manual car models or save trouble, or because newcomers are not used to shifting gears, even when the speed is raised to a higher level, the vehicle speed does not match the jitter, or Keep the original gear unchanged. In fact, this low-speed high-speed approach increases engine load and greatly damages the engine. You can’t be lazy to drive, you have to shift gears according to the speed of the car. Resisting high speed not only increases the load on the engine, but also makes it easy to cause carbon deposits. Combination switch —— Frequent operation Many riders say that the flashing of the vehicle lights makes them feel very good. It is not known that frequent switching will increase the probability of damage to the combination switch. At the moment when the switch is turned on, the current through the switch contact is much higher than usual, and the fire is fired in the semi-joined and semi-separated state, and the electric spark may burn the contact.

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