Is the car underpowered? Exhaust gas exceeds the standard? Poly cold three-way catalytic visual suit is easy to solve

                                                   The recent travel season broke out, Qingming and Wuyi travel, tourism was originally a very happy thing, but I heard colleagues complain that driving by car, the car is also very difficult to climb uphill, the vehicle has obvious lack of power, fuel consumption increased After several twists and turns, it was found that the exhaust pipe was blocked, resulting in a decrease in power. Finally, it was necessary to replace the three-way catalytic converter at an expensive price. So what is three-way catalysis? Straightforward, the three-way catalysis is: the exhaust gas purifier three-way catalytic converter, is the most important off-board purification device installed in the exhaust system of the automobile, which can discharge toxic and harmful gases such as CO, HC and NOx from the exhaust of the automobile. It is converted to harmless carbon dioxide, water and nitrogen by oxidation and reduction. It is installed in the exhaust pipe of the engine. It is called a three-way catalytic converter by catalytically reacting the harmful gases discharged from the exhaust gas into water, carbon dioxide and nitrogen through three precious metals such as platinum, palladium and rhodium. Why do you have to clean the three-way catalyst? One of the reasons: the gasoline used in automobiles has a high content of sulfur and phosphorus, and it can form a chemical complex on the surface of the oxygen sensor and the three-way catalyst. The second reason: urban roads are crowded, and the opening and closing conditions will cause the fuel to burn insufficiently, and insufficient combustion products will adhere to the surface of the three-way catalyst. The third reason: the vehicle is doing carbon cleaning, fuel throttle, air intake maintenance, carbon deposits, particulate matter will pollute the three-way catalytic converter. The fourth reason: zinc and phosphorus in the oil, sulfur and lead in the gasoline, these substances will lead to reduced or even deactivated catalyst activity, which will lead to poisoning of the three-way catalytic converter and directly scrapped. Therefore, the three-way catalytic failure for maintenance will cause many harms to the car. If the three-way catalysis is blocked or loses the catalytic activity, it will affect: (1) The abnormality of the sensor data of the automobile oxygen sensor causes the power and fuel consumption to be seriously affected; 2) Unqualified exhaust emissions will also affect the annual review of vehicles; (3) When severely blocked, the high temperature generated by combustion cannot be released, and the blockage in the three-way catalytic directly leads to spontaneous combustion of the vehicle. After understanding the three-way catalysis, then the question is coming, how to solve these troublesome problems? Many car maintenance shops know to use three-way catalytic cleaning agents. Generally, there are two common methods for three-way catalytic cleaning. Bottle cleaning and disintegration cleaning, but the cleaning effect is often unsatisfactory and the cleaning is not complete. Can there be a product that can be thoroughly cleaned without disassembly? Xiao Bian recommended a poly-cooled —— poly cold three-way catalytic visual maintenance kit. Three-way catalytic water-based dredging agent + three-way catalytic repairing reducing agent Poly-cold is a brand of the car servant group. It was sought after by everyone last year. This year, Ju Leng not only added new categories, but also enriched the product line. In terms of technology, it has broken through the traditional maintenance mode. The poly-cooled three-way catalytic visual maintenance kit is a new visual operation new project launched by Poly Cold. The whole process is easy to visualize and operate. It is equipped with professional visual equipment during the cleaning process. The internal system can be seen without disassembly, and the pollution source can be easily cleaned, safely operated, and saves time and effort. Poly-cold three-way catalytic visual maintenance kit Three-way catalytic aqueous dredging agent can strongly clean the impurities, carbon deposits, sulfur, phosphorus complexes and other attachments on the surface of the three-way catalytic converter of the automobile, so that the three-way catalytic converter can restore activity and prolong The service life reduces the emission of harmful gases such as HC, CO and NOx in the exhaust gas, restores the original power of the vehicle, reduces the fuel consumption, and the product is safe and efficient, and has no corrosion to the automobile three-way catalytic converter and the oxygen sensor. The three-way catalytic repairing reducing agent is used to clean the three-way catalytic converter, activate the catalytic function of precious metals such as platinum, palladium and rhodium on the surface of the three-way catalytic converter, so that the three-way catalytic converter can restore the activity, increase the conversion rate and prolong the three-way catalysis. The service life can effectively reduce the emission of harmful gases such as HC, CO and NOx, restore the original power of the vehicle and reduce fuel consumption. More intuitive effect Three-way catalytic converter cleaning before and after the effect of the exhaust gas catalytic rate of more than 95% More details watch the following video (/tencentvideo_v1/playerv3/TPout.swf?max_age=86400&v=20161117&vid=l0502m978se&auto=0)

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