Burning June Promotion Season Touring Tiger Car Trolley Main Carnival

                                                   In the era when the material is skyrocketing, buying a car is no longer a luxury, and the car has become an indispensable means of transportation for every household. However, with the gradual improvement of living standards, people’s lives have become busy, driving by car, and stopping, this has become a part of the daily life of many people. In June, a burst of heat wave came. In this enthusiasm season, in order to protect your driving experience, Togo has opened a “burning June car owners carnival” event: the champion environmentally friendly refrigerant only “1 yuan”, take away, the whole network Maintenance up to 300 yuan. Not only low prices, but also premium gift vouchers. Throughout the carnival month in June, the event is there every day, and the surprise is endless! As a net car-raising platform that is now trusted by Chinese consumers, the company has already taken root in the car-straps of consumers. In addition to tires and oil, we can also provide car owners with car maintenance, car beauty, auto parts and genuine car purchases. The company also maintains its low price, authenticity, self-operated and service. A good brand management model quickly gained recognition from consumers across the country. As a very professional car maintenance platform in the car maintenance market, Tesco Tigers not only wants to bring the price-conceived genuine products and the most professional maintenance services to the riders, but also insists on knowing the car safety knowledge with the riders, together with the riders. Safe driving. At present, the company is gradually becoming the first choice for car owners of hundreds of millions of Chinese car owners. More exciting, please log in to the official website, APP, WeChat.

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