Can the air conditioner filter be cleaned? Don’t be fooled by the appearance.

Summer is coming. Car air conditioners are re-launched. I believe that many people have not changed the air filter for half a year. Professors want to go to the 4s shop to change the auto repairman in a shop a few days ago and say, “The original factory is empty. Filtering with a high-pressure air gun is just like the new one. “The professor thought that if the blowing is useful, then the original air filter can not be used for 10 years and 8 years? In order to solve the doubts in the heart, the majority of the riders have a factual truth. The professor has specially done an experiment to verify that the first use of the original old filter element in the air conditioning outlet test PM2.5 is just starting at around 110, which is very serious pollution. After the test, take out the original old filter and blow it with a high-pressure air gun. Dust out dust, leaves, dead insects … etc. Try to “restore new” & rdquo; After the blow, do a PM2.5 test, how the results, please see the picture below. I was also surprised by the results. The filtering effect of the air filter that was blown clean was worse than that of the old air filter. Later, the professor learned from the professional friends that the principle of this result is that the high-pressure air gun also destroys the paper fiber of the filter core while blowing away the dust, and the air gap is blown up, and the ability to filter impurities naturally decreases. The high-pressure air gun blows the air-conditioning filter, the appearance can be restored to the same as the new one, but the effect is not good! It is impossible to reduce PM2.5 and adsorb formaldehyde at all, and it also releases the adsorbed harmful substances. It is better not to install it. So instead of “blowing clean”, it’s better to change one. It is also a matter of learning to change a new air filter. Many cities have a poor driving environment. Without efficient filtration, the interior environment will also deteriorate. In addition to smog, in a closed environment, high temperature exposure will release formaldehyde in the car, decompose the inferior perfume, as well as second-hand smoke, fishy smell, musty smell, etc., endangering people’s health, especially for infants, the elderly and the elderly. The immune system and respiratory system of pregnant women are simply a disaster. Although the ordinary filter core is cheap, the ordinary filter fiber is filtered through the air filter, the filtering effect is very limited, and the wind resistance is large. It has no effect on toxic substances such as formaldehyde. Activated carbon filter can effectively absorb dust, odor and formaldehyde. However, the characteristics of activated carbon are well known. It is easy to be saturated. After saturation, there is no adsorption effect, and the original adsorbed toxic substances are released. Especially in the summer, the smell of the interior after the exposure and the taste of the air filter are simply too sour. Finally, the professor sincerely recommends the high-oxygen air-conditioning filter with HEPA filter paper + Haimanpu filter, which is one of the best filter screens on the market. Built-in car purifier & mdash; & mdash; excellent oxygen core air filter element The wind surface is the Heimer filter layer of honeycomb structure. It can easily absorb odor and has a decomposition effect on fishy smell, smoke smell and musty smell. In summer, the temperature inside the car can be up to 50 or 60 degrees. The ordinary activated carbon air filter will release the previously adsorbed formaldehyde again, causing secondary pollution. Heimup is chemically decomposed to decompose formaldehyde. If you don’t believe it, take a look at the formaldehyde test video that the professor has done (/tencentvideo_v1/playerv3/TPout.swf?max_age=86400&v=20161117&vid=a03932ervl2&auto=0) The normal activated carbon filter temperature begins to release around 40 degrees. Formaldehyde, 40 degrees is the temperature that is easy to reach in the car, which means you have to take a bite of formaldehyde before driving every summer. The oxygen core is still decomposing formaldehyde in a 45 degree environment. The inlet surface is a HEPA filter layer, and the filtration efficiency of the ≥0.3μm particles is above 99.97%. Its filtration efficiency and ventilation are higher than activated carbon filter paper. Take a look at the most intuitive effect of this layer of HEPA (test with the tester directly at the air outlet) (U-core) (open to the third wind: wind and live the air fresh) on the oxygen core, filter Efficiency and ventilation are no longer a contradiction. High filtration efficiency and better air inside the car. The summer temperature is high, and the wind is the last word. The professor compared the car air purifier with the oxygen core and found that the filter capacity of the oxygen core is stronger than that of the car air purifier. Buy an air filter as a purifier, why not do it, and make room for the car! ! ! Finally, many car owners are not aware of the importance of replacing air filters on a regular basis. In fact, replacing air filters is not a complicated matter, and most models can be replaced by themselves. Come on, let’s start the air filter with the professor this summer!

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