The use of car electric windows is not working, it may be related to these!

The electric window replaces the hand-cranked window, which greatly facilitates the driver. However, in this use, it takes a long time for the electric window to be inoperable. What is going on? If the electric switch window does not move smoothly, check the oil in the elevator inside the door. If it is not enough, remove the inner cover and add oil. When the switch is turned on but the glass is completely inoperable, it may be a malfunction of the switch. At this time, only the switch can be replaced. In addition, due to the long-term use of the car window, the surrounding dirt, dust and other fine dirt will inevitably enter the mud trough and other parts. Over time, it is easy to cause the window track rubber strip to aging and crack. The window produces a harsh noise when it is automatically lifted, and the heavy lift fails. The stain of the window glass not only affects the appearance, but also affects the field of view. Excessive dirt affects the action of the electric switch window. Prevent rainwater from flowing into the car, and a rubber band is attached to the upper end of the window frame, which is also a place where the glass is often in contact. After the glass is stained, the friction with the rubber belt is increased, and the switch is also affected, so it is necessary to ensure that the window glass is clean. Harsh, acid rain, smog and other harsh environmental factors will accelerate the aging of the rubber components of the car and shorten the service life. Rubber parts need to protect the car servant electric window lubricant! Car servant electric window lubricant 4 major advantages 1, lubrication silencer This product has excellent lubrication function, reduce friction, and protect the role of rubber parts, can lubricate electric window mud grooves or slides, eliminate noise. 2, to prevent cracking aging Contains special ingredients, effectively prevent the cracks, cracks and other problems caused by the natural environment caused by wind and sun, effectively prevent the aging of the strip and prolong the service life. 3. Increase the gloss This product is sprayed on the rubber parts to keep the parts fresh and beautiful. 4. Long-lasting protection After use, a protective film can be formed on the surface to protect the softness and elasticity of the rubber parts and prolong the service life of the rubber parts. Applicable to a wide range of Note: When using the electric switch, do not let go to the top or after the end, this will cause damage to the motor, etc., the number of times will make the electric switch insensitive.

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