Vehicle air leak check: shock absorber leak detection

                                                   Are you often troubled by the air leak detection problem of the air shock absorber? Next, I will introduce a method for the air leak detection of the shock absorber to help everyone. (Taobao Search: “Air Shock Absorber Air Leak Detector” can search for this tool) The damper leak detector can directly pump air to the air damper. Air leak detection steps: First, the body is raised. The ordinary air pump can only hit 8 kg air pressure, and the pressure in the front wheel shock absorption exceeds 10 kg air pressure, so the body needs to be raised to inflate into the shock absorber. Second, find the shock absorber nozzle The shock absorber nozzle is the position to inflate it. 3. Connecting the air nozzle Connect the shock absorber air leak detector to the shock absorber nozzle to inflate it. 4. Connect the air pump Connect the air pump to inflate the shock absorber. 5. Inflation Inflate to the shock absorber to 7 atmospheres. 6. Adhesive tape Drop the body and apply tape to the tire. Seven, check the tape Wait a period of time, check the tape, if the tape is obviously loose, it means the shock absorber leaks. Purchase detector (Taobao search: & ldquo; air shock absorber leak detector) can search for this tool) Edit: Gao Wei

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