Need to use fuel additives Honda Civic car cost analysis

Dongfeng Honda’s tenth generation Civic’s strong after the listing, the high-value appearance, 1.5T model maximum horsepower 177PS/6000rpm, the lowest level of driving focus and sitting position captured Many young people’s heart, codenamed L15B8 engine started the first shot of Honda’s turbine, and some people think that the maintenance cost of the model with T will be high, is this the case? Let’s calculate it today. Honda Civic 1.5T model maintenance manual recommended replacement period for oil filter every 1 year, air filter 20,000 kilometers, fuel filter every 80,000 kilometers or 4 years, fuel additive is 0.5 million kilometers or 6 months, Brake oil is 30,000 kilometers. It is worth mentioning that both the oil and the oil filter can be replaced as needed, which will reduce the maintenance cost for users who have low frequency of use and excellent environment. It is only the manufacturer’s requirement to use fuel additives that many consumers cannot accept. In addition, the Honda Civic’s small insurance costs are around 714 yuan (the project contains oil + machine filter + fuel additive), if the car owner wants to let the car “drink”, a little better oil, 4S shop can choose to replace the full synthetic or Semi-synthetic engine oil, the price is: 283 yuan /4L of the original 0W-20 SN grade semi-synthetic engine oil and 372 yuan /4L 5W-40 SM grade fully synthetic motor oil. The total cost of routine maintenance within 20,000 kilometers a year is about 14,938 yuan (1.0T models) /14,740 yuan (1.5T models), the average monthly cost is 1245 yuan (1.0T models) /1228 yuan (1.5 T model). Of course, this is the cost of maintenance according to the manufacturer’s recommended replacement cycle. If you replace it as needed, the actual maintenance cost will be lower. In general, Honda Civic’s maintenance costs are slightly higher, and manufacturers demanding the addition of fuel additives are the main reason for this result. (

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