Small two car rental double eleven 30 days 11 yuan car experience crazy hit

a blink of an eye, the annual double eleven is coming, are you ready to eat the earth’s equipment? You want to pick up the hand posture Is it? In less than five days from the double eleven, all kinds of preferential strategies and Amway grass must also be dazzled. This year’s double eleven is not as good as experiencing something different, and it is better to kill the second-class car rental benefits in advance. From the day of the double eleventh, you can kill the car experience for 30 days and 11 yuan. All users in Haikou and Sanya can enjoy the special activities. During the double eleventh period, Xiao Er rented a car crazy! Specific to the content of the special event, although the spike time is from November 11th, but the car time can last until January 30, 2018, equivalent to contracting The important holiday of the year. It can be said that the special activities of the second car rental car are very intimate, and there is no double difficulty in the “National Shopping Carnival”. On the same day, the difficulty factor is increased for everyone. The car time not only covers the three festivals of Thanksgiving, Christmas and New Year’s Day, even even The entire January of the 2018 New Year is also fully covered. And this spike includes: electric cars, fuel cars, as long as you want to be here, don’t pick it, let’s take a look! First, the event time spike time: November 11 00:00-12 months On the 12th, 23:59 car time: November 11th 9:00 – January 30th 21:00 From Haikou’s HNA Building or Meilan Airport; Sanya’s Phoenix Airport or Sanya Station, the vehicle is extracted and used. Lease period: fuel car 2 days to rent, electric car 15 days to rent 2, package content Haikou area: Kangdi models randomly issued, 30 days 11 yuan; Beiqi EV150, 30 days 2222 yuan (including deposit 10,000 yuan, including security management Service fee); k2 /Rena /Sunshine, 2 days 169 yuan (including a deposit of 2,000 yuan, including security management service fee) Sanya area: Condit K10, 15 days 11 yuan; Condit K11, 15 days 22 yuan (including the deposit 10,000 yuan, including security management service fee); k2 /Rena /Sunshine, 2 days 239 yuan (including a deposit of 2,000 yuan, including security management service fees) Third, the relevant policy description 1. Pick up time 8:30-20:30 2. For each order, the electric car is required to pay a 10,000 yuan illegal deposit, the fuel car is required to pay a 2,000 yuan illegal deposit; 3. The electronic wallet can not be used for special activities; 4. If the itinerary changes, cancel the order, consistent with the platform rules; 5. Return the car in advance without refund; 6. The coupon cannot be used for this event; 7. The model on the shelf is subject to the details of the client’s preferential channel; other projects are consistent with the platform rules; 8. The electric car needs to be charged by itself, not provided. Full power pick-up service (the starting range is not less than 60KM); 9 Electric cars use only pick up the car in urban districts; 10, Hotline: 995 071 222. In addition to the above “double eleven 30 days 11 yuan”, there are more offers to enjoy! Now enter the “Alipay & mdash; & mdash; Sesame Credit” page, you can also receive a 200 yuan red envelope, and related Small gifts don’t stop, chances don’t wait, rent a car 趁 now! Click on the second two car rental APP to buy it! Xiao 2 car rental as a leading brand of new energy car operation in Hainan Island, since its inception, has been committed to the majority of car rental Users create an economical, convenient and safe car experience. Xiao Er Car Rental will continue to build subdivision products for different scenarios to solve the needs of different users such as commuting, travel, business travel, and migratory bird trips, and to build a global smart travel construction in Hainan Island.

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