Join hands with German oil Divinol to create a German quality car service

                                                   Zeller+Gmelin GmbH & Co. KG from 1866 is one of the oldest industrial production and lubricant engine refineries in Germany. A representative product is Divinol automotive lubricants. The company philosophy is: Divinol experts solve all problems for you during the lubrication process. Founded in 1866, Zeller+Gmelin, headquartered in Eislingen, Baden-Württemberg, Germany, is a German-owned company with a history of 151 years (as of 2017). Today, it has a global presence with 16 subsidiaries and approximately 900 employees worldwide. In 2014, the company’s turnover reached 269 million euros. Today, the company’s Divinol brand has become an outstanding representative of high-quality lubricants in the automotive industry and agroforestry. Zeller+Gmelin was awarded the Best Supplier by Robert Bosch GmbH, the world’s leading company in the world’s top 500 companies in the field of electromechanical engineering. And obtained BMW, Mercedes-Benz, Porsche, Ford, Volkswagen, Volvo, GM manufacturers certification. (Excellent supplier of Bosch in 2013/2014) In December 2000, Zeller+Gmelin opened a new logistics center and a new laboratory, which was designed according to the latest technical standards. With a stretch of more than 1,850 square meters, Zeller+Gmelin has established one of the largest laboratories for German lubricants. How to confirm the superior quality of Divinol products and services? In 2003, Robert · Bosch GmbH & Co., Ltd., the best supplier, Zeller+Gmelin became the first echelon manufacturer of German lubricants. . And one of the biggest car races in Germany, “Divinol cup”. Zeller+Gmelin’s most important customers include: Alcatel, Audi, BMW, Bosch, BMW, British Steel, DaimlerChrysler, Heller, German Federal Defence Force (Federal Armed Forces Germany), German Federal Railways ( Deutsche Bahn), Pat, Jaguar, Land Rover, Mannesmann Rexroth, Miele Opel, Phelps Dodge, Porsche, Pirelli, Siemens, Swedish Army, Skoda, ThyssenKrupp Starr, Alpine ,Volkswagen. In 2015, Divinol engine oil entered the Chinese market and was represented by Shenzhen Bangcai Trading Co., Ltd. In 2016, we developed online business and established a franchise store for Jingdongbang. Bringing German-quality car-raising services to domestic consumers. At the beginning of the Chinese market, he reached an agreement with Ping An to purchase quality insurance worth RMB 5 million for Divinol, and that the car failure caused by Divinol can be settled. It also provides consumers with more trust. Shenzhen Bangcai Trading Co., Ltd. adheres to the concept of German original and original original barrels, bringing Chinese German lubricants to the Chinese consumers. Divinol, I am very happy to meet you.

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