Car owners are paying more and more attention to car beauty. Online car beauty consumption compound growth rate exceeds 100%

                                                   People’s demand for beauty has been reflected in more and more fields. With the increase of the domestic car penetration rate, car owners are paying more and more attention to car beauty, willing to pay for it, and online consumption habits have gradually developed. According to a group of data released by Jingdong, between 2015 and October 2017, the compound annual growth rate of owners using Jingdong for beauty consumption exceeded 100%. “Invisible clothing” is a thermoplastic polyurethane film for automobile bodies, which has been widely used in the field of automotive film beauty in recent years. However, due to the price of 10,000 yuan in the whole vehicle, it has been the standard of traditional luxury cars, but it is now being favored by more and more consumers. In their view, a good invisible car is equivalent to buying a “long-term scratch risk” for the car. According to Jingdong Big Data, sales of invisible clothing have exploded in 2015. At the end of October 2017, the sales of invisible clothing reached 3.58 times that of the whole year of 2016 and 5.67 times of the whole year of 2015. . In addition to more and more love for the car “beauty”, in the choice of beauty products, consumers are paying more and more attention to product quality. Judging from the major categories of the automotive beauty market, Turtle and 3M are the two most popular brands. In the field of wax coating and invisible clothing, the turtle brand has a very high sales share. Glass film category 3M takes the top spot. The external beauty of the international big name is the only one, and the inner beauty is the world of domestic brands. Domestic brands occupy more market space in seat cushions, accessories, perfumes and other categories. In the industry view, unlike the traditional offline, e-commerce platform has built a more convenient online after-market consumer experience through long-term deep-rooted farming, and more and more auto accessories consumers have gone online from the offline. Taking Jingdong Auto Accessories as an example, since 2014, has launched the “Carkeeper” system, which can accurately match the corresponding vehicle supplies and accessories according to the vehicle information of the owner, thus helping consumers to easily choose the right one. Car supplies. At the same time, Jingdong also launched a dedicated customer service, which can provide car owners with car, repair, maintenance and other consulting services. In order to solve the problem of replacement and installation of auto supplies, continues to promote the “commodity + service” model to create a one-stop shopping experience.

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