Does the fuel consumption increase after cleaning the intake system? Whose pot?

What is the habit? Du Niang explained: a lifestyle that has been developed for a long time. Habits, people, other creatures, and even cars. Some owners have reported that the car has been maintained, especially after cleaning the air intake system, the fuel consumption has not decreased, but will rise to varying degrees, even to a terrible degree. A car owner who asked not to be named said that once the air intake system was cleaned, the fuel consumption was about 8L, and occasionally soared to 11L. This made him very confusing and even had the idea of ​​refusing to clean the air intake system in the future. …… In fact, to explain, you have to associate with the words “habits” mentioned at the beginning, the main reasons are as follows: 1. The throttle “and memory habits” car will deposit carbon, but attached to the air intake The sludge and carbon deposits on the road and the valve will block the intake passage, increase the intake resistance, and reduce the intake air. For this load state, the car will normally walk, and the ECU (driving computer) will control the adjustment section. The valve opening, over time, the ECU formed a “memory habit”, remembering this kind of opening state. After cleaning the intake system, the intake passage resistance decreases, but since the ECU defaults to the previous throttle opening, the intake air is too much, and the oil and gas mix is ​​uniform, which will increase the fuel injection amount. Solution: After cleaning the air intake system, use the equipment to restore the normal throttle opening. 2. The owner of the car & ldquo; addicted & rdquo; step on the gas pedal habits When the intake system is too much carbon, driving feels weak, acceleration is bad, do you habitually step on the accelerator? After cleaning the power recovery, do you still can’t help but step on the gas pedal? The above two reasons can be completely avoided. Therefore, for the owners who have the idea of ​​refusing to clean the air intake system in the future, Xiaobian is eager to persuade him to give up this idea. In order to avoid the difficulty of starting, unstable idle speed, fatigue, excessive exhaust gas, etc., the intake system should be cleaned regularly, and the throttle opening should be adjusted in time after cleaning. Cleaning is essential, but the point is that when cleaning the air intake system, some related electronic components (intake flow sensor, oxygen sensor, etc.) are not waterproof and highly corrosive. Therefore, the choice of maintenance products is very important. The direct injection engine (GDI) intake system is free of carbon removal and non-corrosive, and does not damage the machine. For the carbon dioxide research and development of the GDI engine intake system, it can guarantee significant cleaning effect under the premise of free cleaning and safe and fast.

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