Is it easy to maintain a car? Download Ding Dingbao one move solution

                                                   As the saying goes, buying a car is easy to raise a car, “difficult to raise a car” is now becoming a headache in front of the owner. Many car owners are complaining that the cost of living has increased linearly after buying a car. Just take the example of car insurance. How to buy how to buy it, what kind of car insurance is the most cost-effective for you, seems to have become a headache for them. Mr. said that the car bought last year was directly protected in the 4S shop, but the disadvantage is that the cost is relatively high, so it is very entangled to change the car insurance this year. If you only buy strong insurance, it feels unsafe. However, similar to this kind of problem, the majority of car owners can now no longer have to entangle, here is a one-button solution to the troubles – download Ding Dingbao for your concerns, save the car and save time and save money. As an Internet service platform integrating automobile service, auto insurance mall, vehicle auction and spare parts, Ding Dingbao aims to create the most convenient, safe and affordable universal automobile service platform for car owners. Since the launch, we have been continuously exploring and optimizing around the user experience. Under the situation of intensified competition in the homogenization of the industry, we adhere to the service as the core, provide high-quality car services for car owners, and firmly grasp the high-quality resources and resources. Integration with channels to achieve standardization and unification, breaking the monopoly of the traditional automotive aftermarket information asymmetry industry, making the service simple, fast, safe and reliable. Among them, Ding Dingbao’s original membership model provides users with membership services, allowing owners to enjoy free commercial insurance discount coupons, while using professional content to help customers quickly understand the relevant knowledge of auto insurance, including insurance coverage to the scope of compensation, compensation amount , the scope of the loss and all the problems that arise during the insurance process. Providing personalized services on the user side, the pain points at each end of the industry chain can be solved and connected in the server to establish a unified and standard industrial system. At the same time, we will establish a large database of car owners and consumers, and provide data support for future differentiated services through accurate data analysis. Effectively solve the various service pain points encountered by car owners in car maintenance. At present, Ding Dingbao, who is known as the industry dark horse in the after-sales service industry, has been with China Mobile, Sinopec, China Poly, Ping An, China Life Insurance, Anxin Property Insurance, and Rural Commercial Bank in less than one year. More than 60 major customers have reached cooperation. A service agreement has been reached with nearly one hundred B-end companies to provide all services of the car category. Up to now, the platform has accumulated more than 10,000 members, and the business model has achieved coverage in Beijing. In addition, since the launch, it has also won the unanimous approval of users, accumulating a good user reputation. A user from Beijing, Mr. Wu said, “I saw some people in the circle of friends recommended last month, and I also downloaded it. I found that the offline cooperation stores are quite complete. It took a while to feel good. A few days ago, I just used the points to redeem the car supplies in the mall. It is understood that the current operation status of Ding Dingbao is good, and the influence in the after-sales service market is gradually increasing. It is expected to become the preferred car service Internet platform for the majority of car owners. “Ding Dingbao’s starting point has always been user-centered. Compared with other products, more people want to make money from the user’s pocket, and Ding Dingbao is saving money for users. We know that in this field, service is fundamental, and only from the user’s point of view, can give users a good user experience. Therefore, whether it is buying auto insurance, car maintenance or other car services, we will bring more high-quality car maintenance service experience to the majority of car owners and improve user satisfaction. ” Ding Dingbao CEO Ding Qiaoru said.

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