I forgot to turn off the engine at night, and I saw the car the next day, so that you want to cry

                                                    This is the most direct result of the increase in hydraulic oil temperature, because your engine is working all night, so the hydraulic oil temperature will definitely rise. The hydraulic pump pressure under working conditions is reduced all the night, the hydraulic oil can not be circulated better, and the heat of the hydraulic oil is not easy to diverge, so it will rise. After a full night of engine idling, gasoline will be sprayed onto the valve, which will accumulate more carbon deposits, which will lead to insufficient power and increase fuel consumption. The engine of the car is idling overnight, and the speed of the pump is very low, so that the engine is cooled very slowly, which will greatly increase fuel consumption. If it happens that there is not much oil in the fuel tank, then the car is likely to be turned off because the oil is less clean. If the engine is not turned off overnight, the engine will idle for a long time. At this time, the speed of the oil pump is relatively low. Because of the low oil pressure, the pistons and other components of the engine cannot be well lubricated. The wear of the rods and the like is also exacerbated, which in turn causes damage to the engine. However, this situation is rare, and it is easy for a car that is keyless and one-button to start. It is not that there will be so many problems at a time, which are caused by long-term. Do you have the experience of forgetting the engine?

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