Enjoy 7 years of 150,000 km worry-free warranty to interpret the three major features of the Junma S70 maintenance manual

First of all, congratulations to all users of the large-scale coupe SUV Junma S70, congratulations on your official appearance as a Junma owner, hope The Junma S70 can accompany you through every day of beauty and happiness. All said that a good horse is equipped with a good saddle. Any good car must be regularly maintained and properly repaired, as is the Junma S70. To this end, Junma Automobile has specially designated a set of scientific and economic vehicle maintenance and repair programs for the majority of Junma S70 owners — — “Junma Automobile Maintenance and Maintenance Manual” (hereinafter referred to as “Maintenance Manual”). Next, we will give you a detailed explanation of this sincere maintenance guide. Long warranty period: 7 years 150,000 km worry-free warranty completely eliminates worries compared to those that only provide three-year 60,000 or five-year 100,000-kilometer package repair, Junma Motor provides seven years and 150,000 km long The policy of repairing the package can be described as full of sincerity. Open the “Home Car Three Guarantees Voucher” on page 7 of the “Maintenance Manual”, you will find that although the national requirements for home car warranty period is only three or 60,000 kilometers (see the picture below), but the Junma car It provides all the owners with a long warranty period of seven years or 150,000 kilometers of parts, more than double the national standard. (Value Three Guarantees Commitment: seven years or 150,000 kilometers) But owners should also pay attention to some lossy accessories, such as wiper blades, air conditioning filters, brake pads (commonly known as brake pads), etc. are not suitable for this package. The scope of repairs also needs to be checked regularly and replaced as appropriate. (The above accessories are subject to the warranty period) (The above accessories are wear and tear, need regular maintenance and replacement, to mark the warranty period.) Long maintenance period: 3000 km first insurance, 7500 km daily maintenance is known, the service life of new cars, The reliability of work and the economics of use depend to a large extent on the maintenance of the walk-through (also known as “the first guarantee” or “the maintenance of the running-in period”; the walk-in refers to the intentional arrangement of the wear process that can be used on the vehicle. All spare parts are fully lapped and matched to each other to extend the lifespan and improve economy and reliability) and daily maintenance, for which a free ride is performed for the Jura S70. Therefore, the owner must enter the store for maintenance within 3 months from the date of purchase of 3,000 kilometers or the purchase of the car (whichever comes first). After the maintenance (ie the first insurance), the owner only needs to perform routine maintenance for every 7500 km or 6 months (whichever comes first). Super intimate service: Car owners who can’t use cars for more than five days due to quality problems can enjoy scooter or transportation subsidy. Car purchase is convenient, in order to improve our travel efficiency and scope. Therefore, once the vehicle needs to be repaired for a long time due to quality problems, it will bring a lot of inconvenience to the majority of the owners. To this end, Junma Automobile is a vehicle owner who has been repairing vehicles for more than 5 days due to quality problems, providing scooter or transportation expenses subsidy, which solves the travel problems of the majority of owners. (The above picture is from the “Maintenance and Maintenance Manual” on page 11.) Buying a car is to improve travel efficiency, expand living boundaries, and improve our quality of life. Therefore, after purchasing a car, the majority of the owners of the Junma S70 must not only comply with the regulations and safe driving, but also carefully protect their own Junma S70 according to the specifications in the Junma Motor Maintenance Manual, in order to make your life even more The beautiful, also allows the Junma S70 to accompany you through every day of life with long life, good fuel consumption, excellent durability and reliability. The following are the various maintenance and repair items that the Junma S70 has to carry out in different mileage and time periods. Please read it carefully.

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