Ao shark AO-SHARK, amazing car auto beautician

                                                   [Editor’s note] With the steady improvement of our living standards, China’s car ownership has also increased rapidly. In 2017, the number of car ownership in the country reached 217 million, an increase of 23.04 million vehicles, an increase of 11.9% compared with 2016. With the continuous increase of car ownership, car beauty has also developed, especially in recent years, the number of cars is increasing, and a large number of investors are optimistic about the prospects of the car beauty industry, which have poured into this industry. At present, China’s auto beauty industry has already passed the initial stage and entered the development stage. The auto beauty project has also broken the original unity and gradually showed the trend of diversification, standardization and high-end. However, due to the relatively late start and lack of experience, there are still many problems. The consumer is not mature, the business is not standardized, the lack of professional talents, the industry has no standards, etc. is the current situation facing the automotive beauty care industry. Most street shops lack natural scientific management, technical support and formal purchase channels. While many people have seen the development prospects and chose to invest in a car beauty shop, it is difficult to stand out from the competition without getting a professional car beauty technology, let alone profit. Among the hybrid car beauty service brands, the AO-SHARK, established in 2013, has been well received by the market since its inception. How does it stand out in the highly competitive auto beauty industry and become a high-profile black horse? What is the difference? The success of the details, the first “all car health” rdquo; high-end service car wash as a basic business, has always been the core profit point of the major car service centers. However, traditional services, technical aging, lack of standards, often time-consuming and laborious, and more importantly, incomplete cleaning, resulting in complaints often occur. Ao shark AO-SHARK cares and leads the industry, reshaping the public’s perception of car beauty in the form of art deduction. Ao shark is the first in the industry to “whole car care”, the whole car care service, the service content includes the top paint finish polishing, walking system cleaning, interior care and texture upgrade, glass hydrophobic coating, plastic, rubber The brightening and restoration of metal parts, to the standard of the regular service items on the supermarket surface, to create the most extreme car wash experience for customers. In order to create the highest standards in the car wash industry, Ao Shah AO-SHARK’s rigorous pursuit of service refines to every service detail: such as the unique deep cleaning of the walking system, not only the wheel is removed, the inner and outer cleaning is waxed, the inner liner is suspended. The suspension system will also be cleaned to a new state, and even each screw should be restored to a shiny finish with a hand-abrasive; in leather cleaning, unlike the corrosive cleaning foam and excessive friction used in most stores. Magic Sponge, Ao Shark AO-SHARK uses Swiss imported cleansing lotion and maintenance grease, with soft horsehair brush and special cleaning microfiber towel and other professional equipment, just like we care for our skin, do not scratch the dermis, no Blocks the pores of the fibers of the leather, reducing the color and texture of the dermis. Ao Shark AO-SHARK is driven by technology to create an unprecedented ultra-cleaning experience, so that consumers’ cars can be cleaned from the inside out, and consumers can experience it once and forever. The automobile beauty industry standard leads the brand. The strength of a brand is strong and powerful. There must be an indelible cultural concept behind it to guide itself. As a high-end brand in the automotive aftermarket, Ao Shah AO-SHARK pursues the ultimate pursuit of ingenuity. A consumer’s respect for the quality of detail makes the car beauty service full of “ceremony”. “Being a car beauty shop with respect to the details” has always been the core brand concept of Ao Shark AO-SHARK, spurring the entire team of Ao Shark AO-SHARK to bring quality service to consumers with sincerity and enlightenment. In order to practice the industry-leading brand concept, all AO-SHARK equipments are the industry’s top industrial car wash equipment, taking the simplest car wash as an example: car guide, body spray US imported pre-wash, detail brush Handling gaps, spraying citrus glazing cleaning solution, collecting water from microfiber towels, wiping the door, wiping the trunk cover (tank cap), dusting the interior mat, cleaning the inside of the steel ring, tire glazing, glass degreasing film, testing Tire pressure, supplementary wiper inspection, cross-checking before delivery of vehicles… dozens of details, hundreds of standard movements, and the ultimate detail service, only to meet the full needs of distinguished customers, see the proud shark focus The level of detail and professionalism. For the future of high-quality car care, AO-SHARK also has its own plan. As the leader of China’s new car service, AO-SHARK will continue to focus on professional, dedicated and dedicated service concept. Car paint surface cleaning, maintenance and protection, to make unremitting efforts to achieve 100% customer satisfaction, let art and traditional industry perfectly combine, adhere to the self-detailed service concept, and strive to be the leader of China’s automobile industry, let more The owner experienced a higher quality car life.

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