What does the high-end automotive interior brand Pudas mean, what does it mean for the automotive supplies market?

With the sharp increase in car ownership and the arrival of the era of automobile consumption, the development of the automotive supplies industry has become extremely rapid. At present, the domestic automotive products industry has reached more than 100,000 production and distribution companies, with an average of at least 20 new companies every day. Born, there are more than 15 new products on the market. In such a highly competitive market environment, “what kind of products can gain market recognition” has become the industry’s most concerned issue, and the recent fire brand Pudas may be able to give an answer. The status quo of the automotive supplies industry From a nationwide perspective, sales of automotive products are growing year after year, while profit margins are decreasing year after year. Among them, South China has the lowest rate, and its average profit margin is only 21.06%. You know, a few years ago, the profit margin of auto supplies was conservatively estimated at more than 40%, but now it has shrunk by nearly half. Why is this happening? Because the current domestic automotive supplies market has many shortcomings: there are scales, but there are not many well-known brands; product homogeneity is serious, innovation is not high; prices lack transparency, sales channels and prices are extremely Chaos; industry specialization is not high, lack of professional guidance; compared with the successful corporate culture of auto companies, automotive products companies lack the strength of corporate culture, no corporate soul, lack of identity. Pudas breaks the market deadlock Market defects are obvious, and consumer information plummets. It is in this market environment that the new brand Pudas PUDASI has become popular. The Pudas R&D team spent three years researching the Chinese automotive supplies market, realizing the shortcomings of the current industry, and decided to focus on quality products and enter high-end products. With the aim of “protecting technology and enjoying luxury and beauty”, Pudas focuses on the production and sales of high-end automotive interiors, and cuts into the market with high-end headrest lumbar products, which has caused great sensation in the market. Pudas pays attention to product innovation, invites famous European product designers and world-renowned illustrators to join the brand creative team, responsible for product design and visual design, and apply for patent protection. Focus on product quality control, apply for multiple International professional certification allows consumers to use it with confidence; in terms of sales, Pudas refers to the operating mode of luxury goods ” franchise monopoly, to ensure price transparency, avoid multiple quotations of the same brand products, and protect consumer rights. The butterfly effect caused by Pudas The emergence of Pudas has brought a strong impact on the entire automotive supplies market, especially in the car headrest waist area. In the past, the headrests used by the people were mostly given by the manufacturers when they bought the car. They did not need to buy them themselves, and the products donated could not meet the needs of consumers in terms of quality or appearance. As for the brand, it is impossible to talk about it. . The long-term lack of autonomy for consumers in this category of products directly leads to a decline in consumer demand and a decrease in expectations. Even many users believe that car supplies should be low-cost and low-quality. No matter what gears, they can only use the same gear. The rise of Pudas has made the market realize that auto supplies should also have high-end brands. There should be grades. Luxury cars should be equipped with luxurious products! In the past, those products with low quality and low price were not consumers. Really like, but there is no more choice, once the real high-end brand, high-end products appear, it is easy to get consumers’ likes. It is said that the difference between Pudas and other products on the market, in addition to product quality and appearance, is reflected in the brand concept and corporate culture. Pudas aims at the luxury car consumer market, focusing on the high-end car consumption and luxury consumer groups, in line with the fashion design and caring service of international luxury goods, paying attention to quality and paying more attention to the brand. And these are exactly what consumers really need. Obviously, the era of low quality and low price in the automotive supplies industry has passed, and brand warfare is the future. Brand products with high quality and good reputation will stand out from the market and occupy the leading position. However, the quality and unqualified products and products that survive only by price war will be phased out. And what role will Pudas, the first shot of the brand battle, bring to the automotive supplies market? We will wait and see!

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