A province saves again, technical analysis of the cool oil T6’s fuel-saving tips

                                                  Energy conservation and environmental protection, low carbon economy is the main theme of the current social development, but also the main theme of the development of the automotive industry. In the two sessions just concluded, the government work report made a number of regulations on new energy vehicles and diesel truck emissions; and as oil prices continue to rise, consumers are increasingly demanding fuel-saving vehicles, fuel-efficient vehicles. Development is imperative. As a multi-purpose vehicle for business and family, the fuel-saving performance of pickup trucks is even more fancy. In the view of Puhua in Enshi, Hubei, the Jianghuai Shuailing T6 is the best fuel-efficient vehicle in his heart. Enshi is the only minority autonomous prefecture in Hubei Province. It is famous for its karst landforms. The terrain is very ups and downs. The special landforms not only require high off-road performance, but also have higher requirements for fuel economy. “My car’s fuel consumption has been controlled at around 4 hairs. I usually do business and go out to play. I don’t feel bad when I drive around. ” With the handsome bell T6, Puhua never had any fuel consumption. The fuel economy of Shuailing T6 is well-known among users. Why can it be so fuel-efficient? Tracing back to the source, this is derived from the overall fuel economy system of the handsome bell T6 pickup. Through systematic research and development in the field of fuel-saving technology, Jianghuai has made major breakthroughs in the three core links of the power chain, power source, power transmission process and power end, forming engine fuel-saving, transmission parts fuel-saving, lightweight section. Oil, body design, fuel saving and many other fuel-saving technologies. Whether the vehicle is fuel-efficient or not depends on the power system. In the traditional fuel vehicle field, improving fuel economy performance and reducing emissions are always power system problems. The handsome bell T6 country V version is equipped with the Ruijie special 2.0CTI engine independently developed by Jianghuai. By improving the engine intake efficiency and combustion efficiency, the accuracy of the electronic control management system is improved, and the leading position in the power system optimization is obtained. This engine has a power of 102kW/3600rpm, a maximum torque of 320Nm, and a maximum torque of 1600~2600rpm. It refreshes the performance of China’s small-displacement engine. The high-quality performance makes the minimum fuel consumption of the T6 V-Pika full load at 210g/kWh. The comprehensive fuel consumption of 100 kilometers is less than 8L, which can be described as the fuel-saving benchmark in this type of pickup. In addition, Ruijiete 2.0CTI not only has excellent fuel, but also effectively reduces pollution emissions. It reduces the nitrogen oxides of the whole machine through the application of many environmental protection technologies such as electronically controlled ECR+by-pass cooling, deceleration and external oil and gas separation. Emissions from vehicle exhaust during emissions and cold start not only meet national V emission standards, but also have the potential to be upgraded to Euro VI emission standards. Lightweight is another major technical problem in energy conservation and environmental protection. Experiments have shown that the quality of automobiles is reduced by half, and fuel consumption is also reduced by nearly half. Due to the need for environmental protection and energy conservation, the lightweight of automobiles has become the trend of world automobile development. The selection of the body materials of the handsome bell T6 pickup truck can be described as nuanced. The proportion of high-strength steel in the important contour parts of the vehicle reaches 60%, and a large number of aerospace lightweight composite materials are used to improve the safety performance of the whole vehicle and reduce the weight of the vehicle body. Save 3% fuel consumption. In terms of appearance, the handsome bell T6 adopts a more aerodynamic design, which makes the car’s fuel-saving performance improved a lot. Through the optimization of power system, lightweight design of the vehicle and aerodynamic shape design, the unique fuel-saving system of Shuailing T6 is formed, and the innovative breakthrough of low fuel consumption is fully realized. The market is the only standard for testing products. The sales of Jianghuai Shuailing T6 single model exceeded 50,000 units. In February, it was the strongest runner-up in the industry. The handsome bell T6 has been leading the high-end pickup industry with the technological level of the next step. Demand change and value.

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