Zhongtai T600 self-service car wash experience 9 yuan to get a car wash is true?

Car wash is a compulsory course for car owners. The price is at least 30 yuan at a time. Some high-end car wash shops offer a fine cleaning service of up to several hundred yuan. Rainy springs will increase the frequency of car washes. How can we reduce the cost of car wash? In fact, many places now have self-service car washing machines, which often attract owners with lower prices. Today, Xiao Bian is also a person who eats crabs once and enjoys a 24-hour self-service car washing machine. This time, Xiao Bian prepared a Zotye T600 Coupe that was not washed for 1 month. The first self-service car wash Xiaobian also worried that he would not operate. After the scene, he found that every self-service car washing machine was affixed with a standard car wash process. Don’t worry at all. Car wash process First, you need to scan the code to start the device. After the payment, you can follow the steps to wash the car: 1. Rinse the body with a blue water gun to clean the dust and sand on the body. 2. Use a black foam gun to spray foam on the body, then press the pause button, the device pause time can not exceed 10 minutes, so quickly brush the body with a brush, pay attention to the remaining time. 3. Rinse the body carefully with a blue water gun and rinse the foam. 4. Wipe the body with a towel. Precautions 1. Because the public towel will be dirty, it is best to bring your own towel to dry. 2, the car wash brush may leave sand, it is best to use a high-pressure water gun to clean the brush before use, so as not to hurt the body. 3, because the adjacent parking spaces are close, when using high-pressure water guns, be careful not to “injury” others. There are 3 payment methods for self-service car washing machine. The price of WeChat or APP online payment is the same. It costs 3 yuan for 4 minutes, 7 yuan for 10 minutes, and 9 yuan for 15 minutes. The owner who has applied for the recharge card can enjoy the payment. A special price of 6 yuan for 10 minutes. Owners can choose different payment methods for their actual situation. Summary Xiaobian spent a total of 15 minutes on this car wash for 9 yuan, because it is the first time to wash the car, not familiar with the situation, so the speed is not so fast, if you are skilled, you can wash the car in about 10 minutes. The Zhongtai T600 Coupe of this cleaning is 4654mm*1893mm*1696mm and the wheelbase is 2807mm. It is a medium-sized SUV. Because the roof is relatively high, it is still a little tired to clean it. Self-service car wash may be splashed by water guns, may be foamed and get on the shoes, summer is hot, winter is cold, and the water is cold, which is unacceptable. However, self-service car washing also has its own advantages: low price, low water consumption, low carbon and environmental protection, and relatively flexible time, which can be used 24 hours a day.

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