How much do you know about fuel treasure? Why do you want to add fuel to the petrol?

                                                 Driving a car, the car is underpowered by the snail crawling and destroying the whole day. The mood is as good as the enemy has 30 seconds to reach the battlefield and you are physically unable to support the GAME OVER on the sprint road. The car starts to be weak, the fuel consumption is too high, and the power is insufficient. If you think of the car, you should add some fuel treasure to it to supplement the nutrition. Some consumers say that when using the fuel treasure, some consumers do not feel obvious, so that you want to use the fuel treasure, you are not as good as knowing the fuel treasure and then judge! What is the quality of Chinese oil products? Previous studies have shown that the Chinese Research Law No. 90 is equivalent to the No. 82 of the American Motor Law; the Chinese Research Law No. 93 is equivalent to the No. 85 of the American Motor Law; the Chinese Research No. 97 is equivalent to the American Motor Law. No. 87. All in all, there is still much room for improvement in domestic gasoline quality. Fuel Po: The essence is to make up for the defects of gasoline in certain properties, and to give gasoline some new excellent features, such as cleaning system carbon deposit, increasing octane number, improving atomization, reducing wear and protecting engine. In conclusion, the fuel treasure can improve the oil. The real fuel treasure is effective. Senior oil expert Feng Ming also said that “the real fuel treasure, if used in accordance with the standard method, will definitely have an effect. If it doesn’t work, there are two possibilities. One is to buy a fake fuel treasure product, and the other is to use a method. ” At present, there are many kinds of fuel treasure products sold on the market, the quality is uneven, counterfeit and shoddy and shoddy are not numerous, and those inferior fuel treasures can not only not play the effect, but also cause engine damage. Consumers have no effect, it is possible to buy inferior fakes. In addition, for new cars with a mileage of less than 20,000 kilometers, there is no need to raise the mileage, the mileage is short, and the engine has less carbon deposit inside. The effect is not obvious after use. Vehicles over 20,000 km should be added as needed, generally one vial per tank. Continuous use of fuel treasure can well suppress the formation of carbon deposits, keep the engine in good condition, and consumers will gradually feel the effect. The correct usage of the fuel treasure: the internal car engine has more carbon deposits, and the fuel treasure needs a process to clean the carbon deposit. Generally, 3-5 bottles can be used continuously to obviously feel the effect. If only one bottle is used, the carbon deposit cannot be completely removed, and the effect is not obvious. But without the fuel treasure, the carbon deposit inside the engine will continue to accumulate more and more. Therefore, why the effect is not obvious is that you open the way is not the choice of high-quality fuel treasure with reasonable usage is the most important car servant fuel treasure is favored by the majority of car owners of high-quality products servant fuel treasure: concentrated formula, can quickly clear the intake valve Carbon is accumulated in parts such as the combustion chamber, and carbon regeneration is effectively suppressed, vehicle power is enhanced, fuel is saved, and exhaust gas is purified. The Golden Elephant Awards, Gu Tianle, stopped for it. Don’t be fooled by the inferior fuel treasure on the market. Look for the car servant fuel treasure quality inspection and monitoring. Experimental detection Clear carbon deposition effect. Owner’s pro-testing. High fuel efficiency. Reasonable use.

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