Show life: keep the air in the summer car fresh, clean yourself Zhongtai T600 air conditioning filter

                                                    The car air conditioner filter is like a human lung. When you turn on the air conditioner, the air conditioner filter can block small particles in the air that are invisible to the naked eye, such as dust, dust, etc., as well as various unpleasant odors to ensure the air entering the car. It is clean. If the air conditioning filter is dirty, the filtering function disappears, and these invisible bacteria and dust will be blown into the car through the air-conditioning wind and sucked into the lungs. In a blink of an eye, 1/3 has passed in 2018. Summer is approaching. Many car owners are starting to clean the air conditioner in the car so that they can enjoy the cool air in the summer. Is it complicated to clean or replace the air filter? Today, Xiaobian uses the Zotye T600 as an example to teach everyone how to operate. Step 1: Sit in the co-pilot position and open the co-pilot storage compartment. Step 2: Remove the buffer clamp, turn the knob, and remove the storage compartment with a little force. Step 3: Find the buckle of the air conditioner filter housing, squeeze the hands inward and remove the cover. Step 4: Take out the air-conditioning filter for inspection. The maintenance cycle of the air-conditioning filter of the vehicle is 10,000 kilometers or about half a year. However, if the vehicle is used in a serious fog, it is best to replace it once every 3 months, or open it. When you are in the air conditioner, everyone feels odor, and it is still a good time to change. Step 5: Put the storage box back in the original steps. Summer is the season with the highest frequency of air conditioning, and air conditioning is one of the most important system components in the car. If you use air conditioners frequently, you must remember to regularly check the air conditioning filter in the car and clean or replace the air filter in time to ensure a healthy car environment.

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