Everyone wants to put the best oil on the car. Are you looking for the right one?

Last year, the business was not bad, earned some money, and finally changed the car. My original car was Dongfeng Nissan, now I am changing. It became a Mercedes. Going home for the New Year, relatives and friends came to the house to celebrate the New Year, and chatted about the maintenance of the car. My uncle’s brother told me that I have to use the best engine oil for the new car maintenance. The newly opened 4S shop at home is quite good, and there are activities in the New Year, asking me if I want to take care of it. Just as the car was quickly maintained, I made an appointment to do the maintenance. When I arrived at the 4S shop, the master asked me what oil I had changed before. I told the maintenance master that my car used to use the shell gray shell extraordinary Heineken oil. It feels good, and the engine has never had any problems. Now I have changed the new car and want to change the best oil. I ask the master if there is anything I can recommend. The master said that Shell has a very extraordinary and extraordinary Helix, the viscosity is 0W-40, and my car can be used. I checked it online and found that this oil is also a full synthetic oil. It is a relatively high-end product in Shell. It uses Shell PurePlus natural gas oil technology to make natural gas into a pure base oil with a purity of 99.5%. It has stronger and stronger products. Molecular structure, combined with advanced additive technology, the performance indicators of engine oil have been significantly improved. The cleaning ability is stronger, it will not be used like the bad oil, it will make the engine black and wear, and the low temperature fluidity is also very good. Even if the cold north still flows smoothly, the start acceleration will be very fast. It also has anti-oxidation and anti-volatility energy, strengthens the protection of the engine, improves fuel economy and prolongs the oil change cycle. Sure enough, good oil is not the same. Look at its product introduction is so good, plus always use this brand of oil. So let the master help me to replace this fully synthetic Heineken 0W-40 full synthetic motor oil. It has been a few months since I replaced this oil, and it feels very good. First of all, everyone should know that it is always necessary to wait for a while in the morning of winter. After changing the oil, the cold start is obviously smoother, the engine sound is smaller, and it seems to be more fuel efficient. This fully synthetic motor oil is the best used oil since I drove it. Because it is very good, I can’t help but share it with everyone. You can experience it for yourself!

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