Tuhu and Germany’s MOLL reached a strategic cooperation to help maintain the upgrade

On May 18th, Germany’s MOLL announced a strategic cooperation with the company to raise the car, the company to become the first authorized e-commerce platform in Germany MOLL. The two sides hope that through this in-depth cooperation, jointly promote the formation of the standardization model of the automotive aftermarket, and ultimately help the economic growth of China’s automobile aftermarket, and continue to expand and enhance the brand influence of both parties. Germany MOLL has been established for more than 70 years. Since 1949, it has worked closely with the German automotive industry and has started a cooperation with Audi. In addition to Audi, MOLL is also a supplier to many internationally renowned automotive manufacturers, including Porsche, Daimler, Skoda, and Volkswagen. Touhu is a leading car maintenance brand in China. It adheres to the business philosophy of “Genuine Professional” and has more than 13,000 cooperative installation stores. Its service capacity covers 31 municipalities and 405 cities. Users can enjoy professional 365 days pre-sales and after-sales service on the website of the company, APP, telephone and WeChat. With the acceleration of the consumption upgrading process in the Chinese market, the demand for quality products and diversified services by Chinese consumers continues to increase, especially in the field of automobile maintenance, which provides a good market environment for German MOL to enter China. It is reported that the German MOLL and the company will carry out in-depth cooperation in brand joint marketing, big data, authentic authorization, technical support, offline maintenance service upgrade, etc., and jointly strive to provide consumers with more excellent products and better quality. Car maintenance services have led the Chinese automotive market to flourish. At the signing ceremony, Martin Mantel, the sales director of MOLL in Germany, said: “The cooperation with the company to raise the car is an important measure of the German MOLL in the Chinese market. In the future, German MOLL and Tesco will raise high-standard standards for the construction process and after-sales service of replacement batteries, ensuring that the stores using German MOLL products can provide consumers with the highest quality product experience. Hu Xiaodong, the COO of the Tigers, said that “the cooperation with the excellent German MOLL brand is the pursuit of the company. We hope to bring high-quality products and strict service standards together with the German MOLL. Chinese consumers have truly built a trusting relationship between brands and consumers. In the future, the two sides will continue to deepen cooperation, promote the upgrading of China’s automobile aftermarket maintenance consumption, and bring more and better maintenance service experience to Chinese car owners. As a high-end battery brand, Germany MOLL hopes to expand the brand awareness and usage rate of German MOLL in the hearts of end users by leveraging the influence of Togo to raise cars in the country. However, the company will hope that this cooperation will provide more quality products for tens of millions of users of Togo. Together with more famous brands in different car products, it will enrich users’ product selection and enhance user satisfaction. keep trying.

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