How to maintain the Yinglang 1.0T three-cylinder engine? Let me explain that

still remembers that when I chose 2018 New Yinglang, I was looking at the front face of this new design. Of course, the 2018 new Yinglang has a space and dynamic performance in addition to its handsome and handsome appearance. Let me talk about the spatial performance of 2018 New Yinglang. Because there is a car at home, so there is often a full load, but the horizontal and vertical space in the back row is good, even if I sit on the back of three adults, I will not feel too much. Crowded. The performance of the head space was also good and did not disappoint me. Next, I got some dry goods. Since I bought 2018 new Yinglang, many people are asking me how its three-cylinder engine shakes and feels. Then I will focus on the driving experience of this 2018 New Yinglang three-cylinder engine. In fact, I usually run a lot of roads, in addition to commuting to work every day, after running, there will be a drop of something. Although the 2018 New Yinglang is equipped with a three-cylinder engine, the feeling of opening it gives me no difference from the four-cylinder. During the peak hours of commuting, when traffic jams on the road, when you stop and stop, and when you follow the car, you can start up very lightly. When the 80 yards on the elevated plane is going to speed up, the power reserve of this three-cylinder engine is still sufficient, and the overall comprehensive power is very good. This time, I opened a 2018 new Yinglang to make it the first insurance, parked the car, I feel that the appearance is really not said, a word —— handsome. It’s not a weekend, there are so many people, if there are more people on the weekend, I have to make an appointment before I come. After helping me through the formalities, I came to the lounge and wanted to sit. The lounge is on the second floor, and the exhibition hall is seen from the second floor. It is rare to see the car from this perspective. It feels subtle. The lounge that saw the gold card should be customized for high-end customers. Sitting in the lounge, watching TV and having a cup of tea. The service is still very good, someone will come over and ask you when you sit down. The wall display shows the current maintenance of the vehicle. This is the maintenance workshop on the second floor. There are still quite a lot of cars. They are some of the owners of the LaCrosse or the GL8. The quality of Buick is quite ok, and the old Buick Lacrosse should have been more than 10 years old. I feel that I can’t sleep for a moment. After sitting for a while, I went to the workshop to check the maintenance of my English. I mainly want to ask the master about the use and maintenance of the 2018 New Yinglang three-cylinder engine. My car is arranged at this station. The site is fairly regular. When the oil is drained, the master checks the car for nails or other foreign objects. The engine oil has been released. The oil type of the three-cylinder engine is different from that of the four-cylinder engine and can be used universally. When the master added oil to the three-cylinder engine, I asked about the amount of the injection. The master said that now the 2018 new Yinglang three-cylinder engine, the amount of oil added is about 4.5L. I asked him if he had any special precautions when using and maintaining the three-cylinder engine. His answer was very straightforward: “There is nothing different. You can drive your own car. Others will be considered for you when we leave the factory. We don’t Will let you have the cost of learning. ” Combining my own use for a period of time, I think that the 2018 model of Yinglang has been replaced with a three-cylinder engine, but there is no big difference in terms of driving experience or maintenance. Many of my friends saw the Internet’s interpretation of the “three-cylinder”, and all of them have concerns. I personally feel that I don’t have to, I personally went to the store to experience the answer.

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