Jingdong 618 first day auto supplies broke out. Self-operated tires increased by over 500% in the 11-hour period.

June 1st news, Jingdong 618 first day “Super spike day” opened only 11 hours, all categories have reached new heights. Among them, the performance of auto accessories is particularly eye-catching, and only 508.89% of self-operated tires have achieved year-on-year growth, which has exploded potential. In recent years, with the increase in the popularity of domestic automobiles, the automotive supplies market has also grown rapidly. It is understood that on the night of May 31, a large number of visitors have been waiting for the sub-categories of various automotive products to be ready. Jingdong 618 first day & ldquo; super spike day & rdquo; 11 o’clock just after, all kinds of automotive supplies have set a new high. In addition to self-operated tires, other categories also gave bright-eyed answers: self-operated motor oil increased by 450% year-on-year; self-operated car washing machine increased by 700%; self-operated car film increased by nearly 20 times; self-operated transmission oil/filter The sales volume increased by 12 times compared with the same period of last year; the self-operated timing belt increased by 46 times; the self-operated vehicle sales amount was 408%; the self-operated floor mat category increased by 350%; the self-operated seat cushion category increased by 212%. Among them, international brands are even more popular: in terms of tires, Michelin, Goodyear and Germany’s three giants continue to lead, achieving sales of 536.14%, 418.97%, and 617.64%, respectively, while sales in other accessories sectors also performed. Good, Bosch sales increased by 226% year-on-year, Vickers sales increased by 11 times, year-on-year sales increased by nearly 22 times, and Yingdell sales increased by 626%. From June 1st, the Jingdong 618 Global Mid-Autumn Shopping Festival will also be officially opened. From June 1st to June 20th, there are no thresholds for car accessories, free of charge, car washing machine, driving recorder, summer essential film, etc. Another car God coupon 400-250, 199-120 from time to time, 1 yuan per day, 6.18 yuan, 9.9 yuan ultra-low-cost goods spike, 360 driving recorder with card version as low as 299 yuan limited time unlimited purchase, German horse Brand tires 50% snapped up, Michelin tires, Mobil engine oil base price spike, more Beijing maintenance as low as 99 yuan, auto supplies one-stop service, free installation and other offers not to be missed!

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