Big Box launches the City Partner Program, can intelligent unmanned car washes drive the 100 billion market?

                                                   In June 2018, Hangzhou Big Box Auto Service Co., Ltd. (referred to as Big Box) announced the official launch of the City Partner Program, which is open to recruiting nationwide. Big Box expects to cooperate with city partners to jointly deploy car wash outlets to provide high quality and convenient intelligent unmanned car wash service for car owners nationwide. Big box intelligent unmanned car wash saves time and money and saves heart. The box was established at the end of 2016. Based on the sustainable development of the automotive aftermarket ecosystem, it explores and improves the market-oriented service innovation model of Internet technology and launches high-tech with German quality. The automatic car wash equipment competes in the car wash market with intelligent unmanned car wash service, providing users with the ultimate car wash experience that saves time, money and worry. The large box is fully integrated into the user’s car scene, and additional unmanned car wash stations are installed in enterprise parks, shopping malls, communities, gas stations, auto repair shops, etc., which are open 24 hours a day to meet the needs of users for car wash using fragmented time. Users only need to use the mobile phone to scan the QR code to pay 15 yuan, you can start the car washing machine, the entire car washing process takes only 5 minutes, so efficient service, can achieve daily washing capacity of up to 280 vehicles. Big Box recruits city partners to go hand in hand with the huge car wash market According to the official data of the Ministry of Public Security, with the sustained and rapid development of China’s economy and society, the number of motor vehicles maintains a rapid growth. As of the end of 2017, the number of private cars in the country reached 217 million. According to each car owner, the car washes twice a month, once at 15 yuan, the annual market share of the car wash market is nearly 100 billion yuan. Faced with the large-scale annual capacity of the car wash service market, in order to rapidly expand the market, Big Box launched the City Partner Program on the basis of the self-operated model, targeting 364 cities across the country, recruiting large box city partners, according to different The level of the city and the partner’s own resources, set different income options. Sitting on a professional operation system Dedicated to the service partner team Big Box has a professional operation team, most of them have many years of after-market service and chain brand store management experience, and have a solid offline operation and maintenance capabilities. Combined with the Internet operation thinking, through the combination of online and offline, the city site is covered by multi-angle and multi-directional media, so that a large amount of attention is obtained in the shortest time, a strong sensation is formed, and a large number of new users are obtained. Form deep interaction with users and increase repurchase rate. The city sites managed by the partners are able to obtain stable traffic and ensure high car wash rates at the site. The large box car wash site uses a unified brand image logo, through professional user interaction experience design, intelligent solutions and advanced mechanical design, to ensure that users get fast, clean, safe and simple ultimate car wash experience. The operator conducts site inspections on a regular basis and through the Internet of Things system, the first time to identify hidden dangers, troubleshooting, to ensure that the equipment provides a stable 24 hours a day service in good condition. Due to the innovation of the model and rapid growth, the big box is highly popular with users and capital. It is understood that only a year of business, the big box has expanded to include Beijing, Gansu, Zhejiang, Shenzhen, Shandong, Jiangsu and Fujian and other provinces and cities, the number of contracted cooperative properties, oil stations has reached several thousand, service vehicle satisfaction It has reached 99.3% and the total financing amount is nearly 100 million yuan. The big boxes have achieved such impressive results at the beginning of their business, which makes them more confident to use the intelligent and unmanned car wash service with super experience to shake the 100 billion car wash market and expand with the city partners. Layout of national car wash outlets, creating a new model of car service in the Internet era.

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