Auto Superman enters the classic car layout wisdom new retail

On June 13, Jingu shares (002488.SZ) announced that the listed company announced that its wholly-owned subsidiary and the classic controller of the classic car signed a cooperation framework agreement, strategically invested in Sichuan The classic car service chain, the two sides will further develop the automotive aftermarket, achieve market expansion, and create greater commercial value for both partners. This is an important step for the new retail expansion of the country after the successful trial of the Auto Superman Smart Store in East China. It has a milestone significance. It is reported that Auto Superman is a leading comprehensive post-market service platform in China. It is based on Auto Superman App and integrates upstream supply chain and offline chain service stores. It is committed to the transformation and upgrading of new Internet retail in the automotive aftermarket industry. development of. Founded in 2003, Jingdian Automobile has been deeply involved in the chain service of the southwest region for 15 years. Its customer reputation and operational service capabilities are extremely competitive. Jingdian Automobile was listed on the New Third Board in 2017. At present, there are more than 150 auto service chain stores. According to the financial report, in 2017, Classic Motors achieved revenue of 1.64 billion yuan and net profit of 33.345 million yuan. As an integrated service provider for the aftermarket, the strength of the classic car should not be underestimated. The reporter learned that Jingu’s auto superman strategy to acquire Sichuan Jingdian Automobile will realize the large-scale expansion of its smart new retail stores, benefiting from the sharing of cloud storage and cloud platform in the early supply chain, relying on SAAS-based functions. The intelligent store system that manages and manages the operation and management of the store, in the aspects of products, operations and services, is able to build an automobile super-person integrated service platform rooted in the offline. At present, Auto Superman Smart New Retail Store is accelerating expansion in first- and second-tier cities such as Beijing, Guangzhou and Xi’an, and the number of stores will exceed 1,000 during the year. Picture: Auto Superman Wisdom Store Rooted under the Line “Energy” “Stores Promote Industry Upgrade According to Mr. Cai Binxu, the head of Auto Superman Wisdom Store, after more than three years of exploration and development, Auto Superman is deeply aware that the user’s essential appeal is low. Authentic price and quality service, low-priced genuine mainly lies in the efficient integration of the supply chain, while the quality service lies in the offline store. Auto Superman hopes to use the Internet, supply chain, auto finance, insurance and other means to “energy”, offline stores, through the “energy” business regional high-quality chain enterprises, promote the automotive aftermarket from traditional retail to new retail mode Transformational upgrade. Advantage supply chain force, low-cost genuine touch the user. It is reported that relying on the profound background of the Jingu automobile industry for 30 years, Auto Superman accelerated the rebuilding of the supply chain in a short period of time, successively with Bridgestone, German Horse, Huimen, Cooper, Dunlop, Pirelli, Goodyear, Bosch, Mobil, and Chevron have established partnerships and promoted the sharing of cloud warehousing and cloud platforms with suppliers to improve operational efficiency. “The first thing that Auto Superman does is supply chain integration. Cai Binxu said that by standardizing supply chain management, the problems of warehousing, distribution, and channels were uniformly solved, and the supply chain support of the store was provided to ensure the compression of the cost of each store chain system and reduce the operating cost of the store supply chain. At the same time, Auto Superman helps the store to build its own business and data system through the new retail model, and reach out to consumers, and then introduce new retail business such as vehicle, insurance, finance, etc., enhance the operation ability of the store and improve the stickiness between the store and the owner. . It has opened up three lines of pre-sale, sale and after-sales of automobiles, forming a benign car marketing ecosystem. The intelligent store system is introduced and managed to realize efficient and intelligent services. It is understood that the car Superman Wisdom Store System is based on SAAS, which will make the operation and management of the store operation data and intelligent, and improve the operation and management level of the store. Superman security, which combines hardware and systems, is a practical tool for stores to effectively increase user conversion rates. In terms of ensuring user experience, Superman’s Wisdom Ecology has changed the traditional top-down, strong-press user service mechanism to ensure user experience through Superman’s praise. According to Cai Binxu, the smart store system is the core means for Auto Superman to transform the post-market from the traditional retail model to the new retail model. The system will deeply apply big data in the automotive aftermarket service field, realize the simple and easy management of the store, and increase the production efficiency by more than 2 times. It will greatly reduce the number of people in marketing, operation analysis and diagnosis, user operation and management, and supply chain. Dependence, the foundation for establishing a large-scale chain. Figure: The super-human wisdom store platform strategy upgrade scale effect highlights “Car Superman is a platform, we have to find a national high-quality stores and deep cooperation with them,” Cai Binxu said that the current Superman’s supply chain advantage is already very obvious, the line The integration of stores under the store is also accelerating. Previously, it has been tried and operated in a certain stage in East China, and achieved good results. The cooperation with Sichuan Jingdian Automobile will rely on its long-term operation of the automobile service chain in Southwest China. The result is to integrate the genes of the Internet platform and promote the upgrading of industrial services. With the deepening of cooperation with Classic Motors, the scale effect of automobile superhuman offline chain development has begun to become more prominent. At present, there are more regional automobile service chain enterprises seeking cooperation to jointly explore the future development of offline chain operation. Cai Binxu emphasized that as an Internet service platform, Auto Superman is not just considering how to plunder the market to maximize its own interests. Such a model cannot be successful. When Auto Superman wants to create value for both B-stores and C-end users, it must integrate its own resources and combine the market environment to determine the strategic direction of development, thus promoting the transformation and progress of the entire industry. Analysts believe that at present, China’s traditional automotive after-market service areas generally have price opacity, uneven service levels, and mixed product quality. In the face of the impact of new Internet retail, offline stores need to embrace change in order to avoid being eliminated. Enter the Internet gene. However, due to the lack of operational concepts and technical systems support for Internet upgrades in traditional stores, it is a good choice to cooperate with a powerful Internet platform.

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