Take advantage of SAIC Skoda to raise your car

                                                   The Skoda 昕 action is a German big hatchback model owned by SAIC Skoda. How about this model? How to evaluate it? The price of the starting price is only 69,900 yuan, and its space and cost performance are more advantageous than the A0 class car, so it has won the favor of many people. So, is there any advantage in instigating the cost of car maintenance? Let us know. According to the daily maintenance cost of the vehicle, the main use cost of the general family car is concentrated on insurance, oil and maintenance costs. In the process of using the car, many car owners may not drive 30,000 kilometers within one year, and may not necessarily buy eight all-in-one insurance. In addition, the owners who usually wash less cars and less far away can save a lot of expenses, but most of them are integrated. The owner’s habits, we set aside the fixed vehicle and vessel tax, insurance premiums, the new car costs 30,000 kilometers a year + scheduled maintenance + fuel consumption announced by the Ministry of Industry as a standard to calculate the main car cost of the model. First of all, let’s look at the maintenance costs. According to the maintenance manual, Skoda can all enjoy the three-year or 100,000-kilometer warranty provided by the manufacturer, whichever comes first, and most of the German models. Similarly, Skoda’s first insurance is provided free of charge by the manufacturer. The maintenance interval is 5,000 km for the first guarantee, and then it is maintained once every 10,000 km. Compared with the maintenance of a model every 5,000 kilometers, such as Fit, Skoda is really worried about maintenance. In the maintenance price, the small maintenance reference cost of the 1.4L and 1.6L naturally aspirated engine for the replacement of the oil filter is about 360 yuan, the replacement of the oil filter and air conditioning filter, air filter and spark plug for large maintenance reference cost For 915 yuan, we can see from the above table that Skoda spurs the 1.4L or 1.6L model to drive 30,000 kilometers, including the total maintenance cost of material and working hours is 1,825 yuan, while the model with 1.4TSI engine is 30,000. The total maintenance cost of the kilometer is 2,425 yuan. Then we look at the fuel cost analysis. The fuel fee is one of the most variable items in the cost of use. It is related to both the oil price and the characteristics of the vehicle engine itself. The influence of personal driving habits and driving conditions on the fuel consumption of the vehicle cannot be ignored. In order to get closer to the usual car, we use the passenger car fuel consumption value announced by the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology as a reference for calculation. It is recommended that after the car owners purchase the car, it is best to make a detailed estimate based on their actual fuel consumption. From the power point of view, SAIC Skoda is equipped with three different power options of 1.4L and 1.6L and 1.4STI of EA211 series. In the above table, we calculate the fuel consumption of different models according to different powertrains. Driving 30,000 kilometers a year, the unit price of the fuel is 6.17 yuan /liter, you can see that the lowest fuel consumption model of the TSI 230 dual clutch hand-in-one model of the integrated fuel cost is 10365.6 yuan, excellent fuel economy Significantly reduced the economic pressure of the owner. According to the above two major expenditures, we can calculate the lowest cost of the maintenance and fuel costs for the TSI 230 dual clutch hand-in-one model, the comprehensive cost of 1283 yuan +13365.6 yuan = 11648.6 yuan, according to 12 Calculated for 30,000 kilometers in a month, the average monthly cost is about 970 yuan. Seeing you here, what do you think of SAIC Skoda? How to evaluate Skoda’s instigation: As a German big hatchback model, the starting price of 69,900 yuan, excellent space performance, strong and durable German quality are the highlights of the instigation, able to attract consumers’ attention. Moreover, through the above comparative analysis, Skoda’s instigation is not high in the cost of car maintenance. The maintenance cost is much cheaper than the A0 class car of the same price and the A class car of the same class. In terms of fuel economy, Skoda is instigated. The performance is also very good, the mileage of 30,000 kilometers a year, the average monthly cost is also less than 1,000 yuan, can be described as a peace of mind.

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