The weather is hot, what about the car “opening the pot”?

Summer high temperature hot out to the shoulders of the sun just want to date with the air conditioner. When you enjoy the air conditioning in the car, you don’t have to worry about the sun outside the window. At this time, the engine front cover appears white fog water temperature warning light. Note that this is a car “this car” Open the pot & rdquo; precursors old iron steady do not panic to remember a few “open pot” rdquo; emergency skills car “open pot” rdquo; what to do? The car should be parked immediately after opening the pot. Some people may ask: “I don’t stop after the car is opened?” The answer is no. After the car “opens the pot”, the problem in the engine is already very high. If the owner can’t immediately take timely and effective means to cool down, it is easy to make the engine burst, which will cause great losses. If it is serious, the car can almost I am scrapped. Therefore, after the car ” open pot & rdquo; please immediately stop to park. 1. At low speed (<60km/h). You can immediately find a place that is safe and does not interfere with others and then turn off the engine and open the engine compartment cover to facilitate heat dissipation. Pay special attention to the emergency stop without panic, in case the rear vehicle rear-end. 2. When driving at high speed (>90km/h). If the car is driving at high speed (more than 90 km/h), do not turn off the fire immediately after stopping the car. Instead, let the engine keep idle for a while and discharge more heat. 3. After stopping the car, you should open the engine cover in front of the car in time to improve the heat dissipation speed. It is best to choose a parking place in a ventilated place, and try to avoid stopping in a tunnel or a relatively closed place. 4. Do not touch the engine or any part of the water tank with your hands before the water temperature drops. Beware of burns. 5. Wait until the water temperature gauge pointer drops to a safe and appropriate temperature, turn off the engine, and call the rescue phone for assistance. 6. If you find that the water level in the water tank is insufficient, you should add the same brand of water tank treasure or antifreeze in time, do not add tap water. Cars ” open pots & rdquo; reasons There are many reasons for the car to open the pot, the lack of water is one of them, to prevent the car ” open the pot & rdquo;, do not forget to add water tank treasure or antifreeze. The servant water tank treasure The water tank treasure helps prevent the engine from overheating and has the functions of rust prevention, corrosion prevention and foam prevention. It protects cast iron, brass, copper, aluminum alloy, solder and rubber parts. The servant water tank treasure has excellent heat absorption and heat dissipation functions, and provides long-term protection for various metals, so that the water tank is free from scale and corrosion, and can provide perfect and lasting protection for all kinds of automobile water tanks. The water tank treasure red green is actually the same color tank treasure effect, the color effect is that the water tank is found in time when the water tank ruptures, so the color depth has little to do with the quality; on the contrary, if the color is too deep, the fuel is too much. Performance, but it has a corrosive effect on aluminum and copper. Note: 1. Use the water tank treasure in the environment above 0 °C; 2, 4 cylinders full of more than 2 bottles, 6 cylinders full of more than 3 bottles; 3. Regularly check the cold surface of the tank, such as water level drop , timely fill the water tank to the specified scale.

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