Unmanned car washes are popular all over the country. What is the big box “waxing service”?

                                                   Entering June, the rainy season is coming, whether the owners are secretly stealing, and when the rainstorms, the car will have a natural shower, so you can avoid running the car wash shop and washing the car. However, such “no car wash” will cause long-term damage to the car. The main component of rainwater is acidic. The long-term adhesion to the surface of the car will corrode the paint, and the paint will be seriously damaged and quickly deteriorated. The correct way is to clean the car and wax it after the rain has passed. If you can do regular waxing for about 3 months, it will make our car less harmful to acid rain, ultraviolet rays, etc., so that the car paint will last long. It is reported that users who have experienced the big box intelligent unmanned car wash & ldquo; waxing service & rdquo; users praise the waxing effect of the big box, and have developed regular waxing habits. Everything is user-centered. The big box is also stepping up to upgrade the car wash service. Previously, the big box intelligent unmanned car wash had conducted an interview survey on the waxing behavior of the owner. Most car owners choose to wax in the car wash shop, the price ranges from 70 to 300 yuan, and they will have a lot of concerns: the quality of waxing is not good, the level of artificial technology is uneven, the supporting products contain greasy … … and a few owners Buy car wax yourself, a box of about 100 yuan, can be used more than 15 times, this type of car owners usually choose a car wash shop OEM, or wax themselves, the average waxing time is about 27 yuan, but the time is 2~3 Hours will also affect the waxing effect due to artificial techniques. It can be seen that washing the car only can not meet the quality requirements of users, and their concept of car consumption is changed to pay more attention to care and maintenance. Solving the problem is fundamental. The user experience is the guarantee for the long-term product. The big box intelligent unmanned car wash research team responds quickly. On the basic service of retaining the fast speed and quick wash, another waxing and fine washing is added to provide users with high quality. Efficient waxing service. The car wash steps of the fast and fast washing are: removing the body gravel dust, cleaning the body, drying the body, waxing and washing to copy the scientific car wash process of the fast speed washing, and adding waxing before the final drying process. Using high-tech computer high-end glazing wax technology, the vehicle can be completely renewed in 8 minutes, and only 22 yuan. 22 yuan waxing and fine washing is a healthy nutritious meal. Regular use has become a car maintenance secret. According to the official information of the big box, the water wax used in waxing and polishing is a high-tech car maintenance bright wax & mdash; — PolishTecs, this The new bright bright wax has a very good curing effect on the surface of the car paint. It adopts a biodegradable mild and environmentally friendly formula. It does not contain NTA and will not cause harm to human health. The big box bright bright wax is brushed on the surface of the car body, the colorless ion-coated car paint, hardens and permanently adheres within a few hours, the repetitive care will enhance the dazzling effect, every time the waxing cleaning Make the protective film more solid and protect the vehicle from the outside environment. In addition, due to its strong drainage, it can form an excellent water-drop effect on the surface of the vehicle, giving it a pearl-like luster. The high-gloss foam is polished to give the rubber and plastic parts a new glow. If the speed fast wash is compared to the high frequency, just needed “rough tea talk” car wash, the big box unmanned car wash solves the user’s basic body cleaning. Then, after the upgrade, the waxing and washing can be called a “healthy nutrition meal” & mdash;— regularly polish and wax the body, repair small scratches and increase the protective film, so the body will change It is radiant and beautiful, and the polishing wax is effective against external dust and rain, absorbs ultraviolet rays from sunlight, and achieves its protective effect for up to 2 months. The real classic focuses on every detail. The big box intelligent unmanned car wash is always user-oriented. The operation team closely follows and comprehensively touches the user, deeply understands the user’s car wash demand, and makes timely feedback. The R&D team concentrates on research and development and upgrades. Optimize and create differentiated car wash products. Users will always favor products with temperature. The big box unmanned car wash relies on the differentiated 22 yuan waxing and fine washing service, and has stood in the forefront of the industry to lead the entire car wash market.

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