No car wash will hurt the car paint? See how the “big box” is answered

More and more unmanned car washes quickly throughout the country, the whole network touches the car owner’s car wash needs. The unmanned car wash equipment is fully integrated into the owner’s car scene, which has become a shining label for unmanned car washes. The owner can go to work in the park, shopping center or gas station to finish the business, free time to wash the car, why not. Careful car owners will inevitably have the concern that no car wash will hurt the car paint. In their knowledge, when the car wash equipment is running, the high-speed rotating brush is hitting the car. This fast, with a certain amount of friction with the paint surface will accelerate the peeling of the paint on the body paint. If sand is attached to the paint, or the surface of the brush is cleaned, the brush will press the sand on the paint surface and then move quickly to leave some fine marks on the surface of the body. It has been reported that the waxy crystal wash of the big box intelligent unmanned car wash will form a bright nano-ion protective film on the surface of the paint, which can effectively prevent the burn and corrosion of the paint by ultraviolet and acid rain, and antistatic to reduce Adsorption of dust and harmful gases, long-term use can also repair slight scratches on the paint surface, extending the paint life. However, this kind of protection is limited to the special effects of the car wash liquid. The owner is more worried about the damage caused by the car wash itself, such as the above-mentioned sand and the car paint rubbing. It is reported that the market share of the big box intelligent unmanned car wash in the unmanned car wash market is the largest. For the owner who is worried about the problem of car wash paint for no car wash, you can sort out the big box official website and related media reports to sort out a big one. The box version of the answer sheet. If you want to eliminate scratches, you have to reduce the friction of the sand. The first step in the big box unmanned car wash is not to use a high pressure water gun to directly rinse, but instead spray a pre-washed chemical containing active foam. The liquid quickly merges with various stubborn stains to act as a suspended matter, so that the dirt is separated from the paint, avoiding the damage caused by dirt, brush and friction on the surface of the car, and dissolving large pieces of dirt, which can be cleaned with a cleaning brush. Remove the sludge and it will not cause scratches on the paint surface. Wipe the fabric towel and sponge for the body. If you use it for a long time, it will accumulate some dust particles. If you repeatedly wipe the body again and again, it will leave marks on the surface of the car body. Material is the origin and foundation of all things, and new material technology is one of the tools and means to improve product performance. The large box is made of a super soft polyethylene foam brush made in Germany. It will not be dusted or hardened for a long time. Only three companies in Germany and Germany can guarantee this technology. The soft-washing effect of the big box brush was awarded the highest rating by ADAC and was rated as “the best product for car washing products testing”. It is understood that ADAC is the world’s largest car club with 15 million members. After the car is cleaned, if the surface of the car body is not dried or blown dry, the residual water bead will form a convex mirror, which is reflected by the sun, causing local high temperature, thereby burning the paint. In addition to the brush material technology, the big box has worked hard in the air-drying process after vehicle cleaning, and successfully developed high-efficiency patented hair blowing technology. The air-drying mode automatically adjusts the direction, wind and wind speed of the air curtain according to the vehicle parameters obtained by the pressure sensor system of the cleaning brush. 360° fits the body at all angles, so that the super-strong wind curtain with high intensity and large airflow can be optimally blown. Dryness. It can be seen that the concern of car paint should not only be directed to unmanned car wash, car wash shop car wash, self-service car wash or DIY car wash. Any car wash link fails to meet the standards, which will inevitably damage the paint. If the unmanned car wash can do the pre-cleaning stains as described above, use the ultra-soft non-stick brush and the super-drying effect, there will be no damage to the car paint.

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