The company’s spirit of customer-oriented contract highlights high-quality service.

On May 5, 2018, the Wanco Quality Assurance 400 hotline received a report from Mr. Wang that the purchase of the Ford Mustang fault light was on, and then, according to Mr. Wang’s offer. For related information, the Wangao Claims Commissioner immediately contacted Wangao’s repair service network in Xi’an and immediately organized diagnostic and maintenance work. This is Mr. Wang’s second call for Wan Gao. A year ago, Mr. Wang also experienced Wan Gao’s caring service. Faulty Vehicle After Mr. Wang’s car was sent to the maintenance outlet, he was tested using a diagnostic computer, which showed that the engine system reported “2 cylinder fire”. The cylinder pressure gauge was used to test the cylinder pressure of each cylinder, and it was found that the pressure of the two cylinders was too low and the pressure of the three cylinders was low; the use of the endoscope inspection cylinder found that the two cylinders and the three cylinder walls had wear marks, and the two cylinder pistons had Cracking marks; after the application agrees, dismantling the engine check confirms that the 2-cylinder piston is cracked and damaged, and the cylinder wall is worn. The cause of the failure is that the 2-cylinder piston is cracked and damaged, resulting in insufficient cylinder pressure and cylinder wall wear. Although Mr. Wang had already received the service of Wangao a year ago, the fault repair was still in the service period. After the result of careful and rigorous review, Wangao decided to replace the piston, piston ring, cylinder wall and other accessories. And accessories, engine repair, and provide a one-year warranty. 2 cylinder piston cracking damage Oil pump wear Cylinder wall wear Crankshaft and size tile After the vehicle is repaired, it will be returned to the owner of the vehicle. The maintenance cost of 28,060 yuan generated during this maintenance process will be paid by Wangao. For the high-quality professional services, efficient and timely assistance, and the spirit of the contract of honesty and trustworthiness as always, Mr. Wang, the owner of Wangao’s old customers, expressed his unusual delight and sent a banner to Wanga as a thank-you and said that the vehicle was out. Baobao will continue to choose Wanao warranty service. The owner of the car sent a banner to thank the thousands of customers like Mr. Wang for solving the car’s worries. It is the goal and motivation of the company. In terms of service, Wangao always looks forward to working for itself through its own efforts. Car life is escorted, no matter how complicated the customer encounters in the life of the car, you can find Wan Gao to solve the urgent need. At the same time, Wangao has always been committed to leading the development of China’s automotive quality warranty service, and also hopes to contribute to the rapid and healthy development of the industry.

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