Big box establishes industry environmental standards and promotes car wash industry upgrade

                                                   The car wash industry has low barriers to entry, high operating profits, and huge market cakes and broad market prospects have attracted many companies to participate and share. Some operators did not go through any formalities, or only registered the business scope of auto parts and boutiques, they started a car wash business in residential areas or on the roadside, and the market began to be chaotic. Most of the non-compliant and illegal car wash points do not use circulating water technology to cause a lot of waste of water resources. There are also some small black car washes, which use car wash liquid containing heavy pollutants. The generated sewage is discharged into the rainwater pipe network without treatment, causing serious pollution to the water environment. In response to the prominent environmental pollution problems in the car wash industry, the environmental protection department adopted a “zero tolerance” attitude to combat all “small, chaotic, dirty” car wash shops. The intensity of environmental monitoring has made many informal car wash shops face the stage of life and death, and the era of dark roadside shops is ending. Intelligent unmanned car wash, such as the big box brand, to protect the environment as the enterprise development concept, has opened up a green channel in the car wash field, and quickly spread across the country. Up to 97% of the sewage collection rate is less than 20% of the circulating water loss rate of the big box intelligent unmanned car wash the entire car wash process is carried out in the dazzling black “big box”, such a “big box” used It is a closed frame structure designed to block 100% of the car wash water from being sprayed outside the car wash. The bottom pedestal of the big box is designed as a ground sedimentation tank. The surface material of the pedestal is treated by advanced waterproofing technology, which makes the water seepage rate 99.9% and the car wash sewage collection rate as high as 97%. After the car wash wastewater flows into the water circulation system, it is mechanically pre-precipitated, biodegraded, and mechanically clarified. It is returned to the storage tank for re-washing. After testing various indicators, the purified circulating water meets the requirements of the Chinese and EU environmental protection departments. Approximate fresh water. The large box’s surface water storage scheme achieves a loss rate of less than 20% of circulating water. Compared with the water consumption of a single car in a typical car wash shop, the water consumption of the big box intelligent unmanned car wash is less than 20L. Environmentally friendly car wash liquid that can be completely degraded Recyclable equipment materials The toxic substances of sewage mainly come from car wash liquid. If it is not treated effectively, it will become the strongest lethal player of environmental pollution. The big box eliminates the harmful factors from the source. All the car wash liquids adopt the imported brand environmental protection liquid, and obtain the Nordic white swan environmental certification mark. It does not contain toxic substances such as hydrofluoric acid and can be completely degraded. In addition, the large box intelligent unmanned car wash equipment is ISO certified, the average life of a set of equipment is about 15 years, high-performance equipment reduces the frequency of replacement of consumables. Even when replacement is required, all parts of the equipment can be recycled, including the control system part. It can be said that the whole “big box” is a thoroughly environmentally friendly car wash room. As the vanguard of the unmanned car wash industry, Big Box has always regarded “environmental protection” as the basic appeal of products. This is a brand attitude and a social responsibility. Seeing the micro-knowledge, any small structural design improvement or material selection will have a significant environmental promotion effect, and the big box is such a practitioner. In the future, the big box will play a leading role in the environmental protection upgrade of the car wash industry while serving the users better.

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