Excellent living workers landed in Shanghai, car shop worry-free boost sharing technicians

                                                   Since 2017, the sharing economy has definitely been one of the hottest words in the Internet and entrepreneurial circles in recent years. After sharing the bicycles and the big fires, many people have been eyeing the “shared” cake. They want to share a piece of cake. Is the era of sharing economy really coming? The sharing economy generally means A new economic model based on strangers and the temporary transfer of the right to use goods, the essence of which is to integrate idle goods, labor, education and medical resources under the line. This kind of sharing is more through the Internet. Implemented as a medium. The result of the integration of business scenarios and sharing economy in any industry is not reliable. Is it a business that sells dog meat and rents in the name of sharing? The essence of the difference lies in whether there is a real pain point in the industry. To the real needs of customers. When the sharing economy encounters “aftermarket”, is employment on demand a future trend? In the automotive aftermarket, because the service industry chain is long, various services will be generated around the process of using the car. Taking the automobile maintenance industry as an example: China Automobile Auto Accessories Industry Federation once counted that in 2014, the output value of China’s auto repair industry reached 500 billion yuan, and the annual growth rate reached more than 10%. At the same time, some experts predict that the output value of China’s maintenance industry is expected to exceed the trillion yuan mark in 2020. However, the current shortage of talent in the auto repair industry has poured a cold water on the industry’s booming development. The research shows that the current situation of the structure of skilled workers in China is only 4:8:31:57 for technicians, senior workers, intermediate workers and junior workers, far weaker than the 11:23:49:17 developed countries in Europe and America. The group data fully illustrates the serious situation of the shortage of middle and senior talents in China, and the auto repair profession is an important representative among them. The middle and senior talents, known as “senior blue collars”, have become scarce resources, and it is predicted that this gap will reach 2.5 million in the future. On-demand employment is the future development trend. Under the new economic pattern, many blue-collar workers have been transformed into other industries. The number of workers in the blue-collar industry has gradually decreased, the recruitment difficulty has increased; the awareness of workers’ welfare protection has increased, and the cost of factory input has increased; The cost of salary with personnel is also rising year by year, but the business demand is declining, the operating costs of the factory are getting higher and higher, and the pressure is still relatively large. For the workers, the economic pressure is one reason. More people are no longer satisfied with the fixed salary, but they hope to get more work. On the other hand, they also hope to create more value to a certain extent. Will follow the trend. Compared with traditional recruitment, on-demand employment is more reflected in on-demand, there is demand to find people on demand, not only solves the problem of living, but also saves management costs, but also can balance the live multi-person is not enough, live less The contradiction of high cost of people. Workers can also achieve opportunities that are not bound by time, but have income security, more work and more, and realize their own value. On the one hand, the rapid development of the auto repair industry and huge market demand, on the other hand, the fault of the shortage of middle and senior talents. Can this seemingly irreconcilable contradiction be solved through the sharing of economic models? How to make talents in the industry Flowing through sharing has also become the direction of thinking in the industry. After the shared travel, the after-market store technicians shared the way to solve the problem of how to solve the recruitment and employment difficulties of the store and the sharing economy. On the afternoon of July 19, 2018, Shanghai Oriental Auto Parts City, Shanghai Aotu Agency · sponsored by Ou Tuhui, the spoon school and the excellent living workers presented the “Share the shortage of talents” roundtable forum, hosted by Mr. Yu Shiyao, Dean of the Spoon College, Mr. Yang Ruitu, the head of Shanghai Ms. Hu Chuhan, Vice President of Wagon’s Operation, and Mr. Gao Zhixin from Shanghai Longxin Automobile Maintenance Co., Ltd. and Mr. Gao Yongcai, General Manager of Shanghai Hengyu Chemical Technology Co., Ltd. participated in the study, exchange and discussion on the spot, and contributed a wonderful gift to everyone. The employment conference was held to propose how to solve the problem that the internal repairman of the store is relatively mobile, difficult to recruit, difficult to manage, and wasteful labor costs, thus bringing real benefits to the store. In the process of on-site guest interaction, the on-site guests agreed that the current status of traditional auto repair shop employment is expensive, high labor costs, and also faces a serious investigation of environmental protection trends. Many auto repair shops have such a phenomenon. There are not so many orders in the store. Even in the off-season, there are still a lot of idlers, the turnover is insufficient, the cost of raising people is high, but for this business or helpless, or Give up this business. In addition, the business volume of the store is also unstable. After the live concentration comes into the market, it is too late to recruit people. It costs less labor and more costs, including labor costs for temporary closure. Faced with this kind of problem, how to solve the shortage of maintenance talents by sharing the way, we need to use the power of sharing platform to combine mobile Internet technology with offline employment, focus on solving the difficulty of recruiting repair shops, management difficulties, and expensive people. problem. The sharing mode of excellent living and working is to solve the contradiction between market demand and talent shortage. Auto repair shops generally face problems such as insufficient business concentration, unattainable work, idle labor in the off-season, unstable state of repair workers, etc. A team of tens of thousands of certified professional technicians has been assembled to cover all major automobile brands and vehicle maintenance trades, meeting the temporary or alternative business needs of repair shops and 4S stores. Youli employment & mdash;— China’s first auto repair and shared employment trading platform landed in Shanghai Youli employment Shanghai responsible person Yang Ruitu said that the excellent living technician platform was established in 2016, is the first domestic auto repair industry shared employment trading platform, the platform passed The combination of mobile Internet technology and offline employment focuses on solving the difficulties of recruiting repair shops, difficult management, expensive personnel, and on-demand labor. At present, standard chemical pricing systems and technicians are standardized and priced, and a set of The auto repair standard chemical time pricing system can automatically price maintenance items and improve the efficiency of the repair shop. The excellent working platform can solve the problems of temporary business, resident business and recruitment business for the store. 1. Temporary business: The merchants make temporary orders under the merchants to solve the following problems: 1) The business is concentrated in the factory, the technicians are less busy; 2) No one will do it, no help, give up; 3) Live in the off-season, The problem of paying wages. 2, resident business: 1) to provide reliable technicians to the business; 2) technician settlement management tools; 3) quality assurance; 4) formal agreements and invoices. 3. Recruitment business: 1) vertical recruitment in the repair industry; 2) real-name certification; 3) real resume; 4) excellent living technician credit system; 5) strict review of technician resume. This excellent living and employment sharing technician platform has landed in Shanghai, and hopes to provide multi-work, multi-brand, and quality-assured service for the repair shop, reduce labor costs, and become the most important way of repairing the repair shop. Its product system can meet the long-term repair shop. For the labor and temporary employment needs, the repair shop users include 4S shop, Tuhu car factory shop and so on. At present, the U-Work platform has now registered tens of thousands of technicians, with more than 5,000 certified technicians on the platform, and 24,270 requests for 1,402 merchants. The recruitment section has updated 6,000 resumes in February. The technicians cover all types of work and various major brands, and can meet the temporary and alternative business needs of the merchants at any time. Whether it is for the store owner or the repairman, the future work platform will continue to be deeply cultivated in the field of automobile aftermarket sharing, so that sharing will bring more efficiency to the service, reduce costs, and strive to benefit more repair plants. .

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