Yulin’s construction of the national automobile road rescue network

Automobile road rescue service is a huge market. According to data released by the Traffic Management Bureau of the Ministry of Public Security, the number of motor vehicles in China currently stands at 319 million, of which 229 million vehicles are in possession. . The increase in the number of cars has increased the demand for road rescue services. However, for a long time, China’s road rescue market has been scattered and has not formed a scale, which has caused services to keep up with demand. In order to improve the status quo of the service can not keep up with the demand, Nanjing Lianchuang Huijia, which leads the domestic automotive aftermarket, integrates its resources and launches the mobile APP “Yu Lin珺” with mobile internet to build a car road covering 723 cities in 31 provinces across the country. The rescue network will promote the scale and standardization of China’s road rescue market. It is understood that Yulin is a purely membership car life service operator, dedicated to creating a one-stop 7*24-hour member-only rights service platform, providing roadside rescue services including trailer towing, power-on, emergency Add water, emergency oil delivery, tire replacement, etc. At present, the road rescue network laid by Yulin’s nationwide has become more and more perfect. Not only does it have a large number of rescue service vehicles as a guarantee, but also professional rescue personnel covering the national network, which can provide efficient and professional car rescue services for platform members. . For a long time, the automobile road rescue market lacks standardization. When the car owner encounters an emergency on the road, he needs to be rescued and chased. In this case, the owner is often in a passive position and has to spend money to solve the urgent need. The emergence of Yulin’s appearance undoubtedly broke the chaos in the automobile rescue market. The platform has formulated a standardized rescue system, strengthened the management of the rescue team, strictly implemented the standard price under the membership system, and eliminated the phenomenon of asking for price, creating convenience for the owners. Affordable car rescue channel. As a purely membership car life service operator, Yulin is also a designated service provider of China Life Insurance, Ping An Insurance, Minsheng Bank, Michelin Tire, BYD Auto, etc., and has provided road rescue services for more than 10 million car owners. More than 3.43 million times, it is the car service butler that the majority of car owners trust.

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