Yinchuan oil to gas regular manufacturers to teach you four precautions for post-maintenance

                                                   Ningxia Jieteng car natural gas conversion company used CNG gas auto parts all use first-line manufacturers, quality products. Product quality is safe, stable and reliable. The company has excellent technical strength, complete supporting facilities, and a sound quality management system and professional modification team and 24-hour after-sales service guarantee to provide the best service for your car. The company pursues the principle of “Quality First, Safety First, First, Customer First”, which enables the company to develop in the competition and build the enterprise into the most competitive professional manufacturer in the same industry.    People say “oil to gas” is actually a way to add a natural gas-fueled device to a car, so that the car can be freely converted between natural gas and gasoline. When the water temperature of the water tank exceeds 60 °C, the device can automatically complete the switching process from gasoline to natural gas. When the natural gas is exhausted, it can be automatically switched to the state of gasoline, thus becoming a dual-fuel vehicle with excellent performance.    But want to “oil to gas” & car; always maintain superior performance, then “oil to gas” maintenance is extremely important, the following equipment maintenance, regular maintenance, driving Analyze and explain the precautions for maintenance from the perspective of customary and routine maintenance parts.    A device maintenance & emsp;  On “ oil to gas & rdquo; car one, must be scheduled for regular maintenance, so every 1 month interval should be a comprehensive gas leak test for the gas tank. The inspection method is to shake the water mixed with the detergent and apply it to the joints of the switch and the pressure reducing valve of the car. Once the air bubbles are found, the natural gas of the car is leaking. The car should be sent to a professional manufacturer for inspection and repair.    Second regular maintenance    Everything must be prepared for the rain, prevent problems before they happen. Therefore, regular maintenance is one of the important links in the maintenance of oil after gas conversion. The relevant departments have their own regulations. The oil-to-gas vehicle is subject to an annual inspection for the cylinder every two years. Once the cylinder is found to be worn or damaged during the inspection, it is necessary to replace the new bottle in time to continue use. Therefore, in the car after the oil is changed to gas, the gas cylinder is generally fixed by two grids, and a layer of rubber pad is arranged between the gas cylinder and the grid to protect the gas cylinder. Damage to the rubber pad is closely related to the wear and tear of the cylinder. Therefore, the owner should pay attention to the condition of the rubber pad from time to time, and in case of damage, it should be replaced in time to prevent the cylinder from being damaged.    Three driving habits    Regular driving habits are also the key to ensuring good performance of oil-to-gas vehicles. Before leaving the car every day, in addition to checking the original car manual, it should also check whether there are cracks and oil leaks in each pipe. For short-term parking, the main switch of the power supply and the CNG cylinder valve must be closed. Moreover, during daily driving, it is also necessary to ensure that there are fire-fighting equipment inside the vehicle. If you need to park for a long time, you should use CNG. It is forbidden to repair the gas supply system in a closed garage or factory building.    Four routine maintenance parts    oil-to-gas vehicles may show flameout during driving, which is due to improper cleaning of the air filter or injection molding of the fuel injector The delay adjustment is not caused by the adjustment of the pressure reducer, so the maintenance of the components is extremely important for the oil-to-air vehicle.    Ningxia Jieteng car natural gas conversion company pursues the principle of “quality first, safety first, first, customer first”, so that enterprises can develop in competition and become the most competitive in the same industry. Professional manufacturer. Corporate mission: Responsible to customers, responsible to employees, and responsible to society. Business philosophy: integrity, innovation, service, management. Brand slogan: service creates value, integrity wins reputation, quality creates brand. The company promises: Anyone who modifies the vehicle in the company: two-year warranty, free lifetime debugging, side leakage, free rescue in the city, free service in Zuoqi, Qianqi branch.

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