[Ingenuity and sincerity] Abnormal noise after the flameout, is it a malfunction or a normal phenomenon?

                                                   If you have a candlelight dinner with a female ticket, you will receive an overtime call from the boss … if, the long-awaited honeymoon trip, the airport flight encounters delay… What mood would you be? Speechless? Helpless? Mushrooms? A car owner friend who is similar to the experience, I must have encountered such a situation: I heard the car that just turned off the fire, and issued a “哒哒哒” 的 rd rd , , , , 就 躁 躁 躁 躁 躁 躁 躁 躁 躁 躁 躁 躁 躁 躁 躁 躁 躁 躁 躁 躁 躁 躁At this time, you will inevitably think, this is the car is broken? Can you open it? Is it going to be repaired? In this issue of Techcare car class, Xiaobian will answer these doubts for you. First of all, you have to understand that if your car is turned off, it will produce abnormal noise. It may have two possibilities: 1. The exhaust pipe is in the “ignition gas”, the engine is turned off, the temperature is lowered, and the exhaust pipe and the three-way catalyst The coefficient of thermal expansion and contraction is different, and the degree of contraction of the two parts is different, and the collision sound between the metals is generated. 2. The engine needs to “cool down”. After the flameout, the engine fan will continue to work, helping the engine to cool down, the wind blowing, “whistling” and the sound naturally comes. Does the abnormal sound of the car need to be repaired after the flame is turned off? After the flameout, the vehicle hears the sound of the car. Don’t let the owner of the car “single”, this sound due to rapid cooling, thermal expansion and contraction belongs to “false fault”. & rdquo;, your baby is still healthy, BUT vehicle temperature is reduced to normal, still making a sound, please light speed to 4S shop, looking for a professional service technician to check. SO, use the car to encounter problems, to calmly judge, do not scare yourself. Of course, about the car other “cold failure”, Xiaobian is still willing to talk to you, for example, 1. exhaust pipe “drainage” in winter, the small partner may occasionally encounter such a situation, row There is a drop in the mouth of the trachea. Is it a malfunction? No! This is when the water vapor in the exhaust gas of the exhaust pipe is cold and condenses into water droplets. 2. Steering wheel “locked” When the key is turned on, it is so scary, is the steering wheel broken? NO! Is that something wrong? Steering wheel lock function do you know? Techcare comes to science: Steering wheel lock The function is an anti-theft protection device. If the steering wheel does not return to normal after turning off the flame and rotates a certain angle in a certain direction, the steering wheel lock function will be activated, and the inserted car key cannot be turned. What should I do if the steering wheel is locked? The solution is very simple. Just turn the steering wheel slightly and turn the key. Don’t disassemble your steering wheel. 3. Brake Pads “Scream” Some of the owners have responded with a new brake disc. They will make a sharp rubbing sound when braking. Is it a malfunction? NO! This is a brand new brake. The sound that comes out when the piece and the brake disc are in normal running, don’t be anxious. Techcare needs a good car, pay attention to Xiaobian and learn it. Finally! Insert a benefit! From August 13th to September 30th, during the event, the combination purchase “Air Filter” will be added to the “Air Conditioner Filter”. You can enjoy a 25% discount. In addition, during the event, I bought the original accessories of SAIC Volkswagen ——“All e-links, that is, send a bottle of 70ML gasoline detergent! & ldquo; Open the core, enjoy a cool summer. are you ready?

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