Car doll extended warranty: just after the warranty period, the value of 110,000 engines? Nothing to say!

                                                   For the majority of car owners, the beauty and maintenance of the car is a must for homework, but the warranty period is limited. At present, for car warranty, car manufacturers generally give two conditions of time and mileage, whichever comes first. Most of the cars on the market today are 3 years or 100,000 kilometers. During the warranty period, if the car is in normal use, the vehicle will be faulty. After the manufacturer has authorized the repair station to check and confirm, the manufacturer will provide free repair or replacement of the corresponding accessories. However, the scope of warranty is divided into core components and special components. The core components, including engine, chassis and body, are calculated according to the warranty period calibrated by the manufacturer. However, the vehicle failure occurs mostly after the warranty period. After that, the engine, gearbox, etc. still need to pay for their own pockets, and experienced car owners also know that in the 4s shop maintenance, it is a “expensive” word can be solved? Professional matters still need professional people to do, the owner saves money and time Labor-saving Recently, Mr. Deng, a car owner from Sichuan, encountered such a problem. The user’s Mercedes-Benz car just came out of the manufacturer’s warranty period of 3 months, and the mileage was only 70,000 kilometers. However, during the normal driving process, it suddenly encountered a flameout and could not start normally. The problem. Mr. Deng introduced that, fortunately, the car doll was extended in advance, and the accident occurred. Mr. Deng immediately communicated with the car doll, communicated and coordinated with the car doll customer service, and dragged the vehicle to the local 4s shop. The maintenance technician dismantled the vehicle. In this process, the car doll customer service is connected with the 4s shop and communicates with the insurance company to provide various aspects of maintenance and dismantling photos. Mr. Deng does not need to participate in the whole process, just wait for the car. During the inspection, the guard plate was opened and the connecting rod was dropped. After inspection, it was found that the engine was seriously damaged and a large amount of oil leaked out. The 4s shop suggested replacing the engine. After confirming the scope of claims to determine the insurance liability, the following accessories need to be replaced: engine assembly (engine order for replacement in Germany) replacement engine assembly 4s shop offer 110,000 yuan, after 45 working days in Germany order replacement, repair completed, car The doll paid for the maintenance and repairs were completed. Mr. Deng successfully lifted the car and left. Imagine if Mr. Deng did not buy a car extended warranty, still in the 4s maintenance, delay time does not say, the maintenance costs can not really be paid by the average person. Mr. Deng was pleased with the professionalism and speed of the doll. The claim occurred within 4 months after Mr. Deng purchased the car doll for extended warranty. (Engine replacement is completed) Car doll, the real car extension custodian This case is only one of the car doll claims process, according to the car doll statistics, at present, the vehicle just after the warranty period is a high incidence of problems, especially like the engine, Key parts such as the car body, tens of thousands of maintenance costs, so many owners are daunting, but if you do not go to the 4s shop, the street shop is cheap but can not be reassuring. Fortunately, more and more car owners, like Mr. Deng, have realized the importance of car extended warranty. So smooth, not only the professional service of the car doll customer service, but also the commitment of the car doll to the owner, as long as the fault belongs to the coverage of the car doll extended coverage, the car doll advances the maintenance cost, and is not subject to geographical restrictions. In addition, the doll’s unique intelligent hardware GID detection technology records the health data of the car at any time, and can be used as an important basis for quick claims. Each extended warranty user is like having a dedicated extended warranty consultant. The insurance process is simple. And it can realize nationwide maintenance, all car brands can carry out extended warranty, user independent choice and price transparency. The combination of advanced insurance concept, advanced Internet technology and management technology has not only eliminated many of the owners’ disputes about whether they can claim compensation, but also brought warmth and coolness to the entire automobile aftermarket. The founder of the doll, Lin Biao, also said that in the future, he will use Yanbao to activate the aftermarket, thinking that users can create the most comprehensive and long-lasting service. At present, it has been achieved for 8 years, and lifelong service can be expected in the future.

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