Kaswomei car workshop settled in Shanghai to solve the car maintenance beauty problem

                                                   Speaking of car beauty, some people will regard it as extra consumption. They always think that if they are not filled with oil and the consumables expire, they will be able to protect the car. As everyone knows, car beauty is the way to raise a car! As Carsworth’s car workshop advocates, “old car is new, new car value” brand concept! First of all, the beauty of the car, the car is not only a human transportation, but also has become an inseparable whole with people. The human vision is concentrated in the car. The first thing to notice is the beauty of the car. The aesthetics of the vehicle. Therefore, the beauty care of the car is integrated with cleaning, waxing, dust removal, lacquer care, etc., and the car that is given to you by the watch is once again youthful, so that your car will last forever. Secondly, the image of the car owner can be said to be the image of the owner’s image. People need neat, decent, different grades of clothing to characterize some of the individual’s inner consciousness, personality temperament and even life concept and life attitude. As a car owner and user, the car is with you, it is undoubtedly an important part of your image, car can help you create a new self. Finally, the objective needs of car maintenance are to make beauty for the car. It is not only simple to wash and wax, but also for the appearance of the car. It is also the objective need to maintain the car. The car beauty that is in place can reach the old car and the new car. The effect of preserving and prolonging the gains is similar to that of human beings. Moreover, car beauty is also an investment —— minimizing the depreciation of such high-end consumer goods, is itself a benefit. Today, the first physical store of the Carsworth Car Workshop has settled at No. 409, Aquatic Road, Baoshan, Shanghai, and the second Pudong Store (155 Chunquan Road) is also in the midst of preparations! Therefore, Castro knows that for a car after-market service brand, “business” is the key to brand success. So, how does Castro do a good job? First, the professional focus of the Carsworth Car Workshop has trained a large number of car doctors and car nurses with culture, professional knowledge, principles, instruments, computers, English and practical experience. The technical talent team, the introduction of advanced equipment in the industry, with the professional ability and dedication of the spirit, to establish a new concept of washing the car after the market, so that car maintenance is more convenient. Second, service-oriented customer satisfaction is the only standard to measure service quality, which is the service tenet that Casiwo always adheres to. In the context of the new environment, new models, new models and new concepts of the automotive aftermarket, the concept of service-oriented is adhered to, providing high value-added, high-experience and high-comfort for mid- to high-end car owners and social elites. Car wash beauty experience. Car beauty is the need of aesthetics, but also the way to car maintenance. Carsworth Car Workshop, give your car & ldquo; close care & rdquo; care!

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