Don’t wait for self-ignition to find the door to clean the engine compartment. It is necessary for

. Some people care for their car very well but they don’t care about the cleaning of the engine compartment surface or just use rag cleaning and water gun cleaning. This is a big mistake for the car. The following is a special mistake. Let me elaborate on these misunderstandings. First of all, let us first understand why we should clean the appearance of the engine compartment. In fact, 4s shops and car beauty salons will have such services, but they have to wait in line for a long time and have to pay for themselves. Not only save time but also save a fee, why use professional engine compartment cleaner? Cleaning it? 1: Remove the sludge caused by the steam of various oils generated by the engine operation, reduce the risk of spontaneous combustion 2: Slow down the aging of the line and other parts 3: Make the engine look cleaner (the obsessive-compulsive patients must have) If the engine compartment is long When the time is not cleaned, the sludge caused by dust and various oil vapors will affect the heat dissipation of the engine and other related components, and the heat dissipation effect will be poor, which will cause the engine compartment temperature to be too high, which will affect the performance and service life of the engine. The aspect will accelerate the aging of the internal components of the engine compartment, such as wire harnesses, posing a safety hazard. If there is too much dirt in the engine compartment, there will be problems with corrosion circuits. If the engine is spontaneously ignited, it will be too late, so it is necessary to clean the engine compartment. Can it be cleaned with a high pressure water gun? It is not recommended to do so. It is highly recommended that first of all the sludge and floating soil on the engine can be cleaned up without using clean water. If you do not understand the blind structure of the engine structure, it will damage the electronic components such as the fuse box and the fire coil (especially the cylinder head). Nearby) That rag cleaning? It is also not recommended because if you use a towel to wipe the engine, it is easy to get static electricity. This static electricity will cause great damage to the engine. So I went to find an artifact to clean my small machine Botny engine exterior cleaner. The product has a strong penetrating function to provide external cleaning protection to remove oil and dirt from the surface, so as to keep it clean and fresh. It is easy for the engine to dissipate heat. The rubber and plastic parts under the machine can also be used to clean the surface of other industrial machines and equipment. Dirt is not much to say, let’s take a look at Step 1: Clean the parts in the cleaning cabin with the engine exterior cleaner! Do not splash water and cleaning agent on the fuse box, ignition coil, generator, ECU, etc. It is necessary to ensure that the engine is in the state of flameout and the temperature of the engine compartment cannot be too high when the bag is packed. Step 2: Wait for 3 minutes Left and right, use a rag to clean the oil attached to the parts. Step 3: Dry all the parts in the engine compartment with a towel. Remind that it is not recommended to brush directly with the brush. This will damage the paint and let the engine dry naturally or start the engine to accelerate. You can get your work done! Look at the comparison chart before and after cleaning. I don’t know if my car was so dirty. This product has a magical effect. It has completely renewed the stubborn stains of so many years. After fifteen minutes of hard work, all parts have become like In fact, the new car generally cleans the appearance of the engine. There are still many people who ignore it. Therefore, we still care about the health of our car. We can save money and try to find some hidden dangers.

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