Worried that the car “Far fart” can’t pass the annual inspection of the ski, your antidote is coming!

Immediately after the New Year and then to the small peak of the annual review of the car, but with the country’s strict requirements for environmental protection, the annual review and road test It is difficult to meet the standard of exhaust emissions, so what should I do if the annual inspection of automobile exhaust exceeds the standard? What is the problem? The main reason is the failure and damage caused by the blockage of the three-way catalytic converter. Due to the high sulfur content in the oil of the domestic fuel and closed-loop EFI vehicles, a large number of chemical complexes will inevitably occur after the vehicle has been running for a period of time. When the three-way catalysis is severely blocked, the exhaust gas will be poor, the back pressure will rise, the power will decrease, the fuel consumption will increase, the temperature will rise, and other adverse conditions will cause a serious clogging, which will cause the ternary working temperature to rise sharply, resulting in ternary high-temperature sintering and complete damage. The gas branch tube is burnt red, the engine is damaged or even self-igniting is the most effective for the failure treatment of the three-way catalytic converter of the automobile. How to clean the three-way catalytic converter? You can try this bottle of Botny three-way catalyst to improve the ternary blockage. Botny’s three-way catalyst cleaner contains effective cleaning factors for the ternary surface of various carbon deposits to quickly achieve deep cleaning effect to restore ternary activity. To reduce exhaust emissions and use the method is simple and effective, just add the fuel tank to —— use the steps ——NO.1 to unscrew the lid, open the inner sealing cap NO.2 cover and screw the configured funnel bottle Cover, easy to pour into the fuel tank NO.3 tank with a volume of 50-60L, please add a bottle of product to the fuel tank when the remaining fuel is one quarter (the remaining one of the oil gauge hands) (if it has not been cleaned for a long time, it is recommended to add two bottles) 50-80 km or prompt fuel shortage after full fuel —— test effect —— from the results of our test, it can be seen that whether the new car or the old car is clogged, the three-way catalysis is basically after cleaning Restore the original luster and can clearly see the internal honeycomb structure —— focus on solving the ternary hidden danger problem ——1, remove carbon deposits and improve the efficiency of cleaning agent containing cleaning factor Deep cleaning cylinder, engine, fuel injector carbon increase combustion efficiency 2, dredge clogging recovery ternary catalytic activity deep cleaning ternary surface oxide, dredge three-way exhaust passage to restore ternary purification exhaust gas function 3, trouble-free extension ternary The service life of the three-way catalytic converter can effectively eliminate the fault light, eliminating “chronic poisoning”, reducing the surface temperature is too high and “sintering” and other issues 4, reducing exhaust emissions and increasing the catalytic rate of ternary surface complexation The catalysis of the material is effectively improved and the waste is efficiently purified. 5. Comprehensively improving the waste catalytic rate. The cleaning agent will produce a large amount of active ions to clean and catalyze the carbon deposit, colloidal and sulfur-phosphorus compounds. 6. Improve the power saving fuel cleaner can produce high The fine micro-molecules are fixed on the metal surface to make the workpiece in low friction and reduce the function loss. The engine power output is improved. 7. The operation is simple. The maintenance and maintenance of the three-way catalyst can be directly injected into the fuel tank to eliminate the complicated operation process. It seems that the use of Botny’s three-way catalytic cleaner is very significant and can not only remain The power of the car saves the fuel consumption. It is more important to avoid the expensive replacement cost in the future and it is not afraid that the annual inspection will not be reviewed. [Disclaimer] This article only represents the author’s own point of view, and has nothing to do with the car world network. The Automotive World website maintains neutrality in the statements and opinions expressed in the text, and does not provide any express or implied warranty as to the accuracy, reliability or completeness of the content contained. The reader is only for reference and bear full responsibility. The content of this article is from the Internet. The copyright belongs to the original author. It is for study exchange only. It is strictly forbidden to use commercial. If there is any infringement, please contact this site, we will delete it in time. (Contact email: mycar168@mycar168.com)

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