Where can I put a lacquer protective film in Suzhou? Suzhou XPEL official authorized store

In recent years, the famous American paint-protective film brand – XPEL, entered the Chinese market, but the XPEL offer has made many car owners discouraged, then, how much is the XPEL invisible car, why is it straight? Calling so expensive? How much is XPEL invisible clothing? There is no unified answer to this question. Each volume of XPEL products provided by the official is dedicated to the car, and the price is different. Want to know the specific price, you must first know the specific model, the approximate price range is between 2w-5w. The same model is attached to the invisible car, XPEL is more expensive than other similar brands. However, there is always a reason for this. I have to say that XPEL is a lot better in some performances. At present, Suzhou Deka Auto Service Co., Ltd. is the only official authorized dealer in Suzhou New Area, address 298 Ma Yun Road, telephone WeChat: 18662276345 1. Super tough XPEL is developed with imported TPU material, with superior toughness. In addition to the particularly sharp edge, the general weapon is difficult to puncture it. Generally, small friction and small flaws are difficult to penetrate and affect the paint finish of the car. The following is a set of test animation: 2, high temperature general invisible car clothing will be deformed by high temperature, self-ignition, etc., but XPEL seems to be special, it has a strong resistance to high temperatures, heat. Therefore, the XPEL invisible car clothing protects the car paint surface from high temperature exposure and burns. The following is a set of test dynamic maps: 3, oil-resistant normal invisible clothing can also play a certain role in oil and water resistance, but only XPEL can make oil resistance and water resistance so obvious, hydrophobic performance! Of course, XPEL is also amazing in terms of pit corrosion. 4. The wear of scratch-resistant paints is sometimes not caused by cockroaches. Collisions from high-speed stones and road branches are also a major factor in their damage. The scratch resistance of XPEL in this respect is very good. However, it is not so much the scratch resistance of XPEL, it is better to say that his heat repairability is excellent. The performance advantages of XPEL are still many, but the above four points are enough to illustrate the problem. This may be the reason why XPEL invisible clothing is so expensive to sell 2w-5w.

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