Under the cold winter of the capital, how can the anti-car auto repair platform counterattack?

                                                   Driven by capital, at the end of 2015, the collection of easy-to-wash cars and car washes, e-car wash, kung fu car wash and many other car services O2O platform have closed the door-to-door car wash business, O2O door-to-door maintenance of the entire line of losses, the entire industry “collectively killed”, all show A fact —— car service O2O platform, is encountering a “cold winter”. At that time, car wash O2O, home maintenance O2O, used car O2O, etc. as the entrance to the O2O market after cutting into the car, there are countless entrepreneurs in it, there are several companies in each segment to compete, which resulted in service The content homogeneity is serious, the mode is simple and easy to copy. At the time of the burning of the money war, some of the auto service O2O platforms will have a capital chain break and will face bankruptcy or transformation. Lack of standardization and quality of service, and relying on subsidized and burned traffic models to retain online users has become the biggest bottleneck for the profitability of the automotive service O2O platform. In 2015, Guangzhou Chehaoyang Network Co., Ltd. launched the Ge Ai car platform. When the car platform and the Shinkansen store established a strategic cooperation, it was the perfect “Internet +” and “+ Internet”. Combine. The Shinkansen will be built from the traditional operation mode combined with the modern network system (Mall) to establish a new O2O operation system, with the automotive aftermarket online mall + offline direct store as the business model, through the online platform and car service shop to provide car maintenance, car repair , car beauty, car squirting, 24-hour car first aid, exhaust gas over standard treatment, auto insurance claims, auto supplies sales and other aspects of the service, to achieve one-stop car maintenance, to serve our customers, thanks to the Shinkansen for many years The experience of chain management has won the reputation of the owners in terms of standardization and service quality. At this time, the reason why Ge Ai car can stand out in many car service O2O platforms is because the car platform is not only a diversion platform, but also SAAS system + member marketing + supply chain + talent output + business school The ecosystem of the section is tailor-made for the upgrade of the auto repair shop. By integrating the online and offline service network in the O2O+S2B2C mode, it will bring actual market value to the automotive back door terminal; the terminal store can rely on the platform resources for configuration optimization, seek the best combination of resource allocation and its own needs, and improve its Service level and enhance competitive advantage; at the same time, customers can rely on platform resources to conduct cross-industry alliances, enhance corporate strategic flexibility and transfer risks, reduce operating costs and improve operational efficiency; the platform will carry out marketing activities according to market conditions, improve customers Exposure and transaction activities. It is reported that, on the basis of existing investment, the platform is planned to gradually complete tens of millions of investment and financing at the beginning of this year. The investment and financing will be mainly used in product research and development, team expansion and rapid advancement of the market. Through the National Alliance, to create an auto repair “digital smart store”, to connect the resources to the line, while providing more convenient car service points for the owner.

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