Directly hit the pain point, the small thumb talent strategy system solves the auto repair shop recruitment, education, and retention problems

                                                    Recently, major automobile aftermarket brands have announced their development plans this year. The analysis shows that the current automotive aftermarket industry is still in the stage of exploring business models; outside the capital giants, such as the attempt of insurance companies, the entry of used cars, the layout of vehicle companies, and the Internet. Under the influence of the environment, the aftermarket of the automobile in 2019 still has many uncertainties. Industry experts said that “the current auto market after the age of 5 years old should be an investment hotspot, but the reality has not yet formed a mature and reasonable industry development layout, and many enterprises are still in the extensive development period. In the face of opportunities and challenges, the problem of store management and personnel retention is still one of the core reasons that plague corporate brands and the industry is banned. & rdquo; & ldquo; Although some companies are trying to solve the talent problem, but the current talent problem facing the automotive aftermarket is still grim, this is not only an industry problem in the automotive aftermarket. ” Hangzhou Xiaojiao Automobile Maintenance Technology Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as “Hangzhou Little Thumb”) said the person in charge of the Sanli Operation Center. A few days ago, media reports showed that Hangzhou Little Thumb is one of the few reasonable enterprises that can solve the talent problem in China; “This is mainly due to the leading thumb of the small thumb industry.” The recruiting management & rsquo; talent operation system rdquo; the person in charge said . What is the “Public Management System”? According to the information provided by Hangzhou Little Thumb, the company’s operating system is based on batch recruitment of talents, comprehensive qualification training, and inspection, appointment, and 6S landing services to help store management. In this way, in the aspect of knowledge, behavior, and performance, the little finger is coordinating resources and empowering stores, and building an efficient operation management model with personnel as the core. Hangzhou Little Thumb “Advise the management system” to develop excellent talents for the automotive aftermarket. It is understood that Hangzhou Xiaotiao “advance and management” has been supported and recognized by brand stores since its implementation in 2018. Statistics show that as of the end of 2018, the small thumb talent operation system has trained more than 4,000 outstanding talents for the automotive aftermarket. As a result, the store’s business performance has improved significantly. In this regard, industry experts said that the “Little Finger” of Hangzhou’s “Little Talents” system has focused on solving the problem of “people” in the chain ecology. This is also an important reason why it can continue to increase the number of stores to 955 in the context of the downward pressure of the overall economic form, and to ensure that the ecological management of the small thumb is working well. According to the information released by the 2019 Brands Conference held in early March in Hangzhou, the small thumb will further optimize the talent structure on the basis of the “Management System” in 2019. Among them, trying to cooperate with more professional colleges to achieve school-enterprise is one of the important measures. It is understood that Hangzhou Xiaotiao will try to achieve school-enterprise cooperation with more professional colleges in 2019 to further help the store to solve the employment problem. At that time, it will cooperate with local professional colleges from Zhejiang, Hebei, Guangdong and Southwest to solve the problem of mass application, while saving training time and training costs, achieving follow-up development and reducing the loss rate. At present, Hangzhou Xiaoyue has cooperated with Xinhua Education Group, Wuhan Business College, Hebei Vocational Education Center, Zhejiang Highway Technician School and other professional colleges to achieve in-depth cooperation with talents to fundamentally solve the needs of mass users in the ecosystem. The person in charge of the employment department of Xinhua Group said that “through the cooperation with the little finger of Hangzhou, the model can not only solve the student employment problem, but also realize the direct connection between the teaching and the employer, and make the talent training more targeted and professional. It has achieved a win-win situation for schools, enterprises and society. “ Hangzhou Little Thumb has played a good demonstration role for other peers in the industry through cooperation with professional institutions, because this method can not only solve the employment problems of enterprises, but also help the society solve employment, and at the same time set up a school. A friendly bridge between educators and marketers not only activates their own ecology, but also embodies the social responsibility of acting and solving employment. Hangzhou Little Thumb Talent Training System has become a model for industry learning. In 2018, the small thumb headquarters has adopted a model of resource sharing and cooperation and win-win. Through the application of stores and the certification of headquarters, we have selected outstanding core partners in line with the requirements of headquarters venues and personnel. Counting 11 stores as a training base. Careful analysis found that Hangzhou Little Thumb is fully qualified for the training of employees in the system. When the corporate brand is not established for a long time, there is a mature system. With the continuous expansion of market operations and changes in the demand of store users, Xiaozhi continues to optimize the qualification training system. Since 2016, we have begun to lay out a talent management system. For example, we have set up a small-scale company in 2015, and implemented the online training of the Little Thumb Academy on the mobile side, and in the training of SE, the store manager and other core positions involved in the store. , with a mature, systematic training induction mechanism. According to the person in charge of the small thumb, the small thumb has formed a system including the “Three Forces” operating system and “the management system”, which involves various cores encountered by each store in daily operations. People and things to help the store quickly land, root and grow. This has formed the industry’s leading industry training system, and cultivated talents for the Xiaotke ecosystem. It also provided a model for the training of industry talents, and objectively promoted the rapid development of the automotive aftermarket industry. As the main beneficiary of the little finger talent system, how should the advantages of the system of the small thumb store be reflected? The little finger “Sanli” provides the knowledge, behavior and performance of the store, and creates a leading talent management model for “inspection, SE (auto service engineer), front-end appointment”. It has won the development momentum for the store, which has promoted the positive development of the ecology; at present, most of the 955 stores in the small thumb are in the normal operation stage, which is a remarkable achievement for the little finger. Recently, the person in charge of the small thumb said that in the changing environment of the industry, how to seize the trend and achieve multiplication is a core issue that every participant in the Xiaokee ecosystem needs to consider. In the industry, most companies are still groping their way and looking for cooperation resources to win the key moments of warming up the winter. Little fingers have already helped the store to profit and expand. One of the main factors is its excellent talent system, which can help stores. Achieve good store performance and profitability in daily operations. Hangzhou Xiaotiao<; recruiting and administering the talent system, whether it is to solve the batch of talent output from the source, or to help talent cultivation, nurturing, etc., and even the development direction of the store talents, for trying to lay out the automotive aftermarket The vast majority of investors are an important factor. Opportunity is reserved for those investors who can see the status quo and can grasp it as soon as possible. Therefore, under the background of the current shortage of talents in the automotive market and the continuous loss of talents, Hangzhou Xiaoyue has a sound and market-proven store. The talent system may be an option you should not miss.

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