How much does it cost to automate the digital transformation of an auto repair shop?

                                                  The traditional auto repair industry is facing increasingly severe challenges. The market-oriented competitive pressure from the outside to the inside, the top-down systemic supervision rules, and the structural upgrade requirements from the inside out, make the digital transformation of the traditional auto repair shop the only choice. On March 25th, the “2019 Shell Lubricant New Product Launch Promotion Conference” hosted by Shell China was held in Qinzhou, Guangxi, and Shanghai Saiqu Network Technology Co., Ltd. (Hui Yixiu) teamed up with Guangxi strategic partner Qinzhou Shanda. The guests were invited to attend and provided professional advice on “Digital Transformation of Auto Repair Shop”. How much does it cost to automate the digital transformation of an auto repair shop? For the auto repair industry, the transition is imperative, but “how difficult is the transition, how high is the cost” has always been a major problem that has plagued many operators. Hu Yong, a representative of Sai Technology (Hui Yi Xiu), said that the digital upgrade of auto repair shops is both a competitive demand and an endogenous development engine. Although in the automotive industry after the service market, the auto repair industry has great potential, but after many years, the stock market has basically been developed. In the context of the structural upgrading of the consumer market, the next development goal should be: to use digital operating tools to continuously expand the business scope, improve operational efficiency, increase service added value, and finally achieve the goal of capturing the incremental market. Transformation can win the future. The Internet has deeply transformed consumers’ demand for business and services, and the “shenzhen area” of the auto repair market is about to cease to exist. Traditional auto repair shop operators can not only face the digital market competition, but even the basic regulatory requirements can not be achieved. Therefore, only by recognizing the status quo, while achieving digital upgrades, we must take the initiative to seek new changes in order to grasp the market opportunities. Based on this, the Saitech service team put forward two suggestions to the auto repair shop: First, the easy-to-repair intelligent management software can help customers build a complete set of WeChat marketing system, accelerate the digital transformation of the auto repair industry; second, easy Repairing the customer management functions of the intelligent management software can help the store maintain customer relationships, reduce customer churn, and improve vehicle owner satisfaction. In this regard, the operators of the participating stores have expressed their approval. In terms of Saitech, traditional auto repair shops are limited by size and single business restrictions, mostly in the form of “island”. The upstream lacks effective interoperability with supply chain vendors, downstream customers, and only passively open the door. Due to the lack of effective use of information and channel resources, auto repair shops did not fully utilize the functions of “Industry Information Hub”. In order to completely solve this shortcoming, Saitech’s “Easy Repair” ERP smart store management system is dedicated to open up four links of manufacturers, distributors, auto repair shops and car owners, providing them with various services and completing them. From the management end to the business side, from the PC end to the mobile end, the comprehensive store is intelligently transformed. The mobile device configuration enables data enrollment of all the assets of the store. Whether it is invoicing, employee performance statistics, or even further customer service, store operators can check and master at any time through the management terminal. How much does it cost to automate the digital transformation of an auto repair shop? & ldquo; In the future, the basis of market competition is to understand yourself first, then understand the market to understand customers, and finally understand the future. But the prerequisite for achieving all this is to complete the digital transformation. Only by deep understanding of the data and using the data can we grasp the changing consumer demand and the development trend of the industry. Because data does not lie, it is the most authentic and rational existence. Today’s headlines and other successful cases in other industries are the best proof. & rdquo; Then, the auto repair store operator is most concerned about the “digital upgrade difficulty and cost” question, what is the answer? “Today’s digital tools are very mature. For example, in the case of easy-to-repair, you only need to transfer the traditional business processes to the dedicated mobile tools, you can easily upgrade digitally, and you can manage according to different business of the store. Modular customization of requirements. As for the cost, the store management system with basic functions is only three or four thousand yuan, and it is very cost-effective to provide many value-added services including training. It is understood that today’s good and easy repair, has established a complete supply chain to serve the national automotive after-sales service market, and become a collection of “Internet technology development, applications, online mall platform, auto parts data platform, supply chain cloud platform” The integrated auto repair service field integrates the deep vertical platform. All the auto repair shops participating in the cooperation can not only enjoy the perfect supporting services on the platform of the easy-to-repair platform, but also provide various value-added services to consumers through this platform.

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