Tuhu technician said: It is enough to choose tires without feeling trouble.

Today’s push is more hardcore, because when it comes to tires, it is basically what most girls can’t understand, let alone teach women drivers to choose tires. It is. But female drivers should not rush, because today’s protagonist is a bit handsome. As for the male drivers, you just have to read the text. Not much to say, first come to a photo of the protagonist’s little brother. Hou Jianqiang, Tuhu Maintenance Car Shop Chengdu Jianhe Road Store The store manager is different from the general manager. Hou Jianqiang is step by step from the ordinary technicians. Therefore, he not only has rich management experience, but also has solid technical skills. Hou Jianqiang: “A lot of car owners have been driving for a few years, have done a lot of maintenance, and have a better understanding of the oil, but they have basically not touched the process of changing the tires. When they want to change the tires, they will be guilty. I don’t know how to choose them. . Most people choose the original tire directly, but in fact the tires vary from person to person. The choice of tires is mainly to see the feeling. & rdquo; See feeling? Of course, this feeling is not the sixth sense we generally think, but the pursuit of the owner. Everyone feels different when driving. For example, owners who are often in poor road conditions will pursue driving comfort and tire wear resistance. Car owners who often drive high speeds will pursue comfort and silence; often the commuters in the city will meet. The pursuit of safety is also the braking distance; even the owner of the car is born with love & nbsp; waves & rdquo;, like to pursue sports sense … … different feelings, corresponding to different tire patterns. For the owner of the pursuit of comfort, if it is a home model, you can choose the horse brand CC6, comfortable and quiet at the same time, long service life, fully suitable for family use. If it is an SUV model, you can choose the horse brand UC6, this tire pattern is mainly controlled and safe. In addition to the horse card, Michelin’s comfort is good, but it is too soft. △ Horse brand CC6 uses a muffler and variable frequency noise reducer design on the tread pattern, which is beneficial to improve the ride comfort. △ Horse UC6 is a comfortable SUV tire representative mute: For the owner who pursues the mute noise reduction effect, that is still the case, choose the horse brand CC6, he uses the unique 3D active noise reduction system of horse brand, mute technology Most models of the market are comparable. In addition, the quiet performance of the tires is Bridgestone ER33. △ Bridgestone ER33’s mute and control is its main performance. Sports: the pursuit of sports performance owners, you can choose Dunlop MAXX050, horse brand MC5/MC6, or Goodyear Royal. These four patterns are relatively sporty. The Dunlop MAXX050 is positioned as a sports car tire. The official promotion of the horse brand MC5 is the “mute master” in the sports tire. In the 2016 China tire tire test, the horse brand MC5 even won the overall championship. . The MC6 is an upgraded version of the MC5 and continues the high-quality sports performance of the MC5. In addition to athletic performance, Goodyear Royal is also good for quietness and comfort. Safety: For high-end SUVs, you can choose the UHP brand. He has excellent braking performance and stability of cornering. It is the best choice for four-wheel drive vehicles. With a speed class of 270 km/h, the tires are also Mercedes-Benz certified tires and have withstood the test of the market.

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