At the time of the spring day, the electric car maintenance skills got up!

“ Spring day tour, apricot blossoms full of head. & rdquo; Suddenly, it is already April. For those who love nature, it is a good time to look out for the outdoors and the wilderness. Many friends have chosen today’s Sunshine Mi M2 to travel, then do you know about the maintenance of electric vehicles? Today, Xiaobian is about science for everyone. First, the battery maintenance 1, correctly grasp the battery charging time Everyone’s use of the car is different, therefore, charging should be based on their own actual situation. Under normal circumstances, the average charging time of electric vehicles is about 8 hours. Overcharging, over-discharging and insufficient charging will shorten the battery life. 2. When it is not used for a long time, it should be guaranteed to be fully charged. When the battery is not charged in time, it will be in a deficient state at this time. When the battery is stored in this state, it is easy to cause insufficient charging and the battery capacity is reduced. The severity of battery damage is proportional to the time the battery is idle. Therefore, in order to maintain the health of the battery, it is also necessary to charge the battery once a month. Second, tire maintenance In the safe driving of electric vehicles, tires are essential. In order to prevent the power consumption caused by incorrect tire pressure, shorten the life of the tire, puncture, etc., thus affecting the comfort and safety of driving, it is also reminded that today’s solar electric vehicles mainly detect tire pressure, half a month or one. Check the tire pressure once a month. Third, the maintenance of the lights The average person has not been very concerned about the maintenance of the lights, always can not distinguish the lights “water” & rdquo; and “dew condensation” phenomenon. & nbsp; Condensation & rdquo; phenomenon is normal, will not cause damage to the lights. However, if the lights enter the water, you need to pay attention. What should I do when the lights enter the water? After the rain, it was found that there was water mist in the lamp. The headlights and the high beam lights could be turned on at the same time. After one hour, the water mist in the lamplight disappeared. If it disappeared, the light bulb seat was not tightly sealed, causing water leakage; if the water mist did not scatter, It is possible that there is a problem in the bonding of the large lampshade. It is necessary to clean the joint of the lampshade, glue it after drying, or choose to repair it in a professional repair shop. 4. Cleaning Attention The cleaning of electric vehicles can be carried out according to the cleaning method of conventional vehicles. However, special care should be taken during the cleaning process to prevent water from flowing into the charging socket of the vehicle body, resulting in short circuit of the body line. Care should be taken when cleaning the power battery to avoid short circuit of the battery. In a world full of new forces, stop and go and enjoy the beauty. In addition to having a sense of self-confidence, a dream car that carries the ideal is even more essential. Today’s Sunshine M2, to satisfy all your beautiful dreams of Spring!

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