Tuhu Factory Technician: This Qingming small holiday teaches you how to self-test the vehicle

                                                  Tuhu Factory Technician: This Qingming small holiday teaches you how to self-check the vehicle. Tomorrow is the traditional Chinese festival Ching Ming Festival. It is also one of the most important festivals. It is the day of worshipping the ancestors and sweeping the tomb. The traditional Qingming Festival of the Chinese nation begins around Zhou Dynasty, has a history of more than 2,500 years. The customs of the Ching Ming Festival include a series of customary sports activities such as sweeping the tomb, walking, swinging, squatting, playing polo, and inserting willows. Whether it is returning to the ancestral home or taking the holidays out, driving has become the primary choice for many people. Long-distance travel is essential for the safety inspection of cars. In order to have a safe holiday guarantee, we also invite to the car maintenance industry. Technician, teach you a few simple driving safety checks. Technician introduction: Qin Zhaoxin, the manager of the Tuhu Maintenance Car Shop (Beijing Huguang Zhongjie), has more than 10 years of work experience, has been engaged in the automotive maintenance industry, has a wealth of car repair, maintenance knowledge and experience. Inspection item 1: Tire inspection tires are the primary items for high-speed driving and long-distance driving. As the only contact part between the vehicle and the ground, tires are very important for driving safety. Tire wear, tire pressure, bulging, scratches, treads Whether there are sharp foreign objects such as nails are the criteria for consideration. If the tire wears more, you need to replace the new tire to avoid the phenomenon of high-speed tire puncture. You can choose a variety of tires in the way to the car, including German horse, Pirelli, Bridgestone, Goodyear, Michelin, Cooper, and good. Tong, Linglong and other domestic and foreign brand manufacturers tires, more select tires to buy three get one free. (Click on the end of the article to learn more about the offer) Check item 2: Car lights The normal operation of night driving lights is very important, especially when walking in rural county roads. Before the departure of the car, the owner can turn on the lights for inspection. Whether it is a headlight or a brake light, be sure to check it in place. Once you find that the lights are damaged, you must replace them. In the way of the car, the car is very rich, and Osram, Hella, Philips and other big-name lamp manufacturers are your choice. (Click on the end of the article for more information.) Check item 3: Brakes Brakes are an important part of the vehicle’s braking. If the brakes are abnormal, the driving safety is almost zero. Under normal circumstances, the owner can check the brake system by stepping on the brakes in the car. The feeling of stepping on is very hard. Generally, there is nothing wrong. If the feeling of stepping on is very soft, you need to check it. Inspection item 4: The wiper first checks the wiper, the glass water is working normally, there is no leakage and no water, check whether the wiper strip and the front windshield are tightly combined. If there is any problem, it is recommended to replace the new one. Especially if it is raining, it will be very dangerous if you can’t scratch the rain on the window. It is recommended to update and replace such consumable items such as wiper strips and glass water. It is available for sale at professional brands such as Boss APP, Bosch and 3M. Check item 5: Dashboard Check if there is any fault light on the instrument panel after the vehicle starts. If there is a fault light, please go to the repair as soon as possible to eliminate the fault. Inspection item 6: The method of gasoline inspection of gasoline is the most direct. Look at the oil needle of the instrument panel. Generally speaking, even if the oil needle falls to the bottom line, there is about 3 to 5 liters of gasoline in the fuel tank, but it is not timely. It may cause an oil-free flameout and may damage parts, so do not go over the bottom line to refuel. Check item 7: Oil open the hood, find the oil dipstick next to the engine, pull up the dipstick and wipe the oil dipstick back, then pull the dipstick up to check if the oil level is at the upper limit (MAX). Between the lower limit and the lower limit (MIN) (of course, some cars are marked with small holes). If the car is older and has oil on weekdays, it is best to prepare a tank of the same spare oil in the trunk to prepare for the occasion. Item 8: On-board tools Generally, the vehicle-mounted tools will be in the bottom compartment of the trunk of the car. The general emergency equipment on the car, such as the triangular warning signs, fire extinguishers, tire changing tools, etc., must also be counted one by one, and ensure that they can work normally. . Most of the above inspections can be done at home. As long as the various oils are sufficient, the tires are not damaged, and the lights can be used normally, there will be no major problems. Finally, I wish you all a peaceful holiday.

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